Dr Oz, Juicerexia, Is Extreme Juicing Dangerous? Risks

Dr. Oz Talks About “Juicerexia” and Why Extreme Juicing Can Be Dangerous

Have you ever heard of the term “Juicerexia”?  It describes one of the latest trends that people are doing for quick weight loss.  Is Juicerexia safe and are there any dangerous long term ramifications of extreme juicing?  Today (January 3, 2014) Dr. Oz spoke about the celebrity driven trend that have people taking juicing to the extreme.  Is this just a fad diet that will soon fade away, or is extreme juicing a dangerous form of dieting that can be putting your health at risk?

How Long Is It Safe To Do A Juice Cleanse?

Dr. Oz said that juice cleansing can be a healthy way to detox the body with the added benefit of losing weight at the same time.  However, a juice cleanse should be done properly and not taken to extreme levels. Extreme juicing (aka… Juicerexia) can be dangerous and putting the lives of men and women at risk.  A healthy juice cleanse should only be done for a few days at a time.  Juicing for longer periods of time can lead can cause serious health issues.

Potential Dangers of Extreme Juicing

  • Muscle loss
  • Heart Damage – The heart can literally shrink when it doesn’t receive the kind of nourishment that it needs.  Extreme juicing can cause this to happen.

Dr. Oz invited Brenda Wade on to the show to talk about Juicerexia and why it has caught on with the public in recent years.  She said that extreme juicing can lead to eating disorders and yo-yo dieting.  She said that extreme juicing shouldn’t be viewed as a tool to lose weight quickly.  She said that you should look at the underlying reasons why you have overeaten in the first place. If you are a person who suffers from emotional eating, you should learn how to heal emotionally and refrain from extreme diets that can be dangerous.

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