Dr Oz, Kamut & Millet Super Grain Benefit, Teff, Buckwheat Gluten Free

Dr. Oz Longevity Episode : Can Kamut, Quinoa, and Millet Super Grain Benefit You?

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Super Grains – Teff, Kamut, Millet, Buckwheat on Dr. Oz

Not all grains are created equal and during this segment on the show Dr. Oz invited Heidi Skolnik on to the show to talk about the “super grains” that can offer you the most benefit.  Heidi Skolnik (a Nutritionist) explains to Dr. Oz that while “super grains” are eaten all over the world, most people in the United States has not even heart of them.  She said that there are healthier options than whole wheat grains and during this segment she talks about the super grains, “Kamut”, and “Millet”.  She also talks about buckwheat and explains that this nutty grain doesn’t even contain any wheat or gluten at all!  Be sure to check out the follow up segment when Dr. Oz talks about whole grain breads and which is the healthiest option.

“Teff” Alternative To “Carbage”

When Heidi Skolnik refers to “carbage” she is referring to carbohydrate junk food like potato chips.  A healthy alternative to carbage is Teff.  Teff is an unprocessed grain that tastes similar to flaxseed.  Heidi explained to Dr. Oz that Teff will make you feel full for a longer period of time and is a much healthier option than choosing “carbage” as a snack.  Teff is also high in calcium, copper, and iron.  You can cook Teff just like you would rice.  Teff is the smallest grain in the world and can’t be processes (which is a good thing!).   You can buy this super grain in some grocery stores or you can purchase Teff online.

Millet Super Grain

Millet is a personal favorite for Dr. Oz.  He said that millet has a texture that is similar to grits.  Heidi Skolnik is high B vitamins and magnesium. She said that it is used in bird food but millet is also very healthy to humans as well.  Here are some recommendations that were given for millet.

  • Purchase millet hulled rather than pearled
  • Keep in a jar that is tightly sealed
  • Store in the fridge during hot weather

Kamut The Super Grain That Gives You An Energy Boost

Kamut contains 40 percent more protein than wheat grain.  Just eating 1/2 cup of kamut will give you more protein than an egg while also giving you heart healthy Omega 3 fatty acids.  Kamut will give you an energy boost rather than a “crash” which is what unhealthy carbs like white rice or potato chips will do.

Buckwheat is Gluten Free and Doesn’t Contain Any Wheat

Buckwheat is not even wheat at all.  It is a nutty grain that is gluten free.  Buckwheat reduces your bad cholesterol and improves your circulation.