Dr Oz, Kaniwa Supergrain Health Benefits, Gluten Free Grain Seed

Dr. Oz Talks About The Health Benefits of The Supergrain, “Kaniwa”

Dr. Oz’s final segment of today’s (March 26, 2014) show was about a high protein, fiber, and iron supergrain called Kaniwa.  Dr. Oz said that Kaniwa is a seed that you can cook with that is very healthy.  If you can’t find Kaniwa in your local grocery store, let them know that you would like them to stock some!  You can alternatively purchase Kaniwa online.

Kaniwa Is Gluten Free

For many people who are on a gluten free diet or are intolerant to gluten have all but given up on eating grains.  Kaniwa, actually is a seed..  Dr. Oz said that you can add it to your morning oatmeal or you can boil it all by yourself.  There are many amazing health benefits from eating Kaniwa such as :

  • Kaniwa has more protein than quinoa or brown rice
  • Contains more fiber than millet
  • Is high in iron.  Kaniwa contains more iron than bulgur or buckwheat

Dr. Oz said that Kaniwa is a wonderful natural gluten-free option that he feels that many people will love.  Kaniwa is all natural and eating wholesome natural foods should be a staple in everyones diet.

Ways In Which You Can Preparie Kaniwa

Dr. Oz said that there is many ways in which you can add this “super-seed” into your food… Here are the two suggestions that he gave on today’s 3-26-2014 episode :

  • Instead of eating oatmeal for breakfast, opt for some Kaniwa!  Add some berries on top for some addes fruity flavor.
  • Eat Kaniwa as an alternative for rice and potatoes.  Kaniwa pilaf would make a great side dish to your meal. Dr. Oz added that Kaniwa takes about 20 minutes to cook.

Have you ever eaten Kaniwa before?  Are there any recipes or ways in which you like to implement this supergrain into your diet?  Please share, we would love to know.

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