Dr Oz, Kathie Lee + Hoda, 5 Mistakes Women Make, Hiccups Cause

Kathie Lee and Hoda Will Be on Dr. Oz October 29, 2013

Kathie Lee and Hoda have a dedicated following who wakes up every morning to watch the banter between these two endearing personalities.  On October 29, 2013 Kathie Lee and Hoda will be appearing on Dr. Oz to talk about the “5 Health Mistakes Smart Women Make”.  They will be talking about the most common health mistakes that women make every day.  Could you be making some of these mistakes that could be affecting your health?  Be sure to tune in to the October 29th show to find out!

Bad Health Habits

Most of us can make some changes that would help to improve our health.  Kathie Lee and Hoda will reveal the most common blunders that people make and not even realize it.  Dr. Oz will be talking about how alcohol can damage your teeth as well as other other common mistakes we make and the side effects that these bad habits have on our health.  Dr. Oz will be revealing about the hidden health repercussions that these mistake carry with them.

Why Do We Get Hiccups

Have you ever had the hiccups seemingly come on out of nowhere?  It can become incredibly frustrating and even embarrassing when you can’t get the hiccups to stop and you are around others in a public place.  Dr. Oz will be demonstrating the real reason why people get hiccups.  Kathie Lee and Hoda well be assisting Dr. Oz as they put on the purple gloves to take a close look at the scientific reasons why  people get the hiccups.  If you have ever been curious as to why you get the hiccups and why you can’t seem to get them to stop, be sure to tune in to the Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 episode to find out!

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