Dr Oz, Kefir Milk Yeast Infection Remedy, Garlic Cure, Foods Culprits

Dr. Oz Talks About Foods That Cause Yeast Infections and How Kefir Milk and Crushed Garlic Can Cure A Yeast Infection

Today (February 5, 2014) Dr. Oz did a segment about yeast infections.  He talked about what causes yeast infections, the foods that raise your risk for infections and how garlic and kefir milk can cure a yeast infection.

Foods That Cause Yeast Infections

Dr. Oz said that a persons diet is the likely culprit behind most yeast infections.  He said that soda, white pasta, sugar, and bread are the common food culprits.  Antibiotics are another problem.  Antibiotics can trigger a yeast infection because when you take them you are killing the bad bacteria (which is a good thing), but you are also killing the beneficial bacteria which helps guard against yeast infections.

Garlic and Kefir Milk Remedies To Cure A Yeast Infection

Instead of going to the drugstore to take care of this common problem, try an all natural fast and effective cure.

  • Dr. Oz suggested drinking a shot of Kefir Milk.  He said that Kefir is a very powerful probiotic that can give you much needed relief from a yeast infection in only 6 hours.
  • Garlic is a natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial superfood.  Eat a few crushed garlic cloves to experience relief in just a couple of hours!
  • Yogurt tampon – Dr. Oz said to speak with a gyno before trying this all natural remedy at home.  He said to take one to two ounces of plain organic yogurt and spread it on to a tampon.  You will experience relief in as little as 20 minutes.

Do you have any all natural remedies that you would like to share?

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