Dr Oz, Keratin Conditioner for Dry, Dryer Sheets For Frizzy Hair Fix

Dr. Oz Talks With Tabatha Coffee About Hair Restoration Remedies Without Going To A Salon

Is your hair dry, frizzy, or lacking volume?  Dr. Oz invited Tabatha Coffey (author of Own It!) on to the show to share cheap and affordable hair remedies for hair problems.  She shares affordable tips that will fix your hair without the expense of going to a high priced salon.

Flat, Dry, and Frizzy Hair Fixes

Tabatha Coffey explained to Dr. Oz and the audience that women often misdiagnose their hair and either don’t use the right treatment or over treat their hair.  Here are her tips and tricks for the most common hair problems that women have :

Dry Hair Fix : The best affordable remedy for dry hair is to use a conditioner that has Keratin in it.  This ingredient adds much needed moisture to dry hair.  Keratin also  strengthens your hair as well.  Tabitha said that you will notice that your hair feels soft and smooth.  She said the Keratin creates a barrier that keeps the moisture in.  Tabitha said to look for a Keratin Conditioner that has “keratin” listed as one of the first 5 ingredients on the bottles label.

Frizzy Hair Fix : Is frizzy hair a problem for you?  A cheap fix is to use dryer sheets to remedy the frizz and static.  Tabatha Coffey said that dryer sheets are especially useful if you have fine hair.  She said to rub one of the dryer sheets between your fingers and then work it throughout your hair.

Flat Hair Fix – An easy and cheap fix for flat hair is to use velcro rollers…  The velcro rollers are easy to apply and will add volume to your hair.

At Home Treatment For Burns

Dr. Oz did a segment about “at home emergencies”..  If you experience a burn at home you should first run the burned area on your skin under water (cool temperature) for 10 to 15 minutes.  Then you should diagnose what type of burn that you have…  Here are his recommendations for first and second degree burns….

First Degree Burns : These types of burns will have a redness but have not blistered.  Dr. Oz recommended treating the area with Aloe Vera gel or Lavender Oil Drops several times a day.

Second Degree Burns : These types of burns go past the epidermis into the dermis.  Second degree burns will blister.  You should cover 2nd degree burns in gauze…  Leave the gauze alone so you don’t accidentally pop the blisters.

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