Dr Oz, Kitchen Sponge Germs & How To Clean Blender, Coffee Maker

Dr. Oz : Germs Residing In Your Kitchen & How To Clean Your Sponges, Blender, Coffee Maker

On May 21, Dr. Oz talks about the germs residing in your kitchen.  You may think that you keep a clean and tidy kitchen, but think again!  After watching this segment on today’s episode was shocking experience when Dr. Oz talked about all of the germs and bacteria growing in the kitchen right under your nose.  Dr. Oz invited on a microbiologist (Lisa Yakas) on to the show from the National Sanitation Foundation to talk about how you can truly sanitize your kitchen to get rid of all the germs and unhealthy bacteria that could be making your family sick! Also be sure to check out the followup segment on how to clean bathroom germs from your toothbrush, shower curtain, and bath toys.

E. coli, Salmonella, Yeast Found In Kitchen Blenders

Let’s face it, kitchen blenders aren’t easy to clean around the blades at the bottom of the blender.  Lisa Yaka, a microbiologist had all the surfaces on a blender tested and they found that salmonella, ecoli, yeast, and mold was found.  She said that it is difficult to clean blenders thoroughly without taking it apart because of the bacteria that resides under the blades and around the gasket. Here are some tips that she suggested on today’s Dr. Oz :

  • Separate the blades, gasket, jar, and lid (of course make sure the blender is unplugged beforehand)
  • Wash all of the dismantled pieces in the dishwasher after each use
  • Let all of the pieces to dry completely before putting the blender back together

How To “De-Germ” Your Coffee Maker

Dr. Oz said that he never really thought that his coffee maker was a breeding ground for bacteria and mold because the water gets so hot.  Lisa Yakas explained to Dr. Oz that the coffee pot is a dark and moist reservoir which can allow bacteria and mold to grow.  Here are the tips that she gave to clean a coffee maker so it will be germ free :

  • Clean your coffee machine every month
  • Fill the coffee machine with white vinegar and allow to sit for 30 minutes
  • Run through the machine
  • Fill the coffee machine with water and run the machine again.  Repeat this step one more time

When To Replace Your Kitchen Sponges

Do you frequently replace your kitchen sponges in your kitchen?  If not, you should.  Lisa Yakas recommended replacing your sponge every two weeks and sanitize your sponges every day by following these two steps :

  • Microwave your sponge (makes sure that your sponge is wet) for two minutes.  This will kill the germs in the sponge.
  • Throw out and replace the sponge every two weeks

Germs Living In Your Kitchen Drawers

Lisa Yakas was speaking to Dr. Oz about the hidden germs that lie lurking in your kitchen drawers.  She said that germs reside in your utensil drawer first and foremost.   She said that plastic spatulas that break apart into two pieces commonly house germs and bacteria.  She suggests that you take apart your spatula before you place it in your dishwasher to be cleaned.

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