Dr Oz, Kiwi Cleanses Arteries, Foods To Unclog Arteries, Grape Juice

Dr. Oz Talks About Foods To Unclog Your Arteries – Kiwi, Grape Juice, Shellfish, Brussels Sprouts

Star Jones was a special guest on today’s Dr. Oz.  They talked about common heart attack triggers and foods that you can eat to cleanse and unclog your arteries.  During this segment Dr. Oz shared “natural drano” foods such as kiwi fruit, shellfish, Brussels sprouts, and grape juice to keep your arteries as clean as possible.

Cleanse Your Clogged Arteries With Shellfish

Dr. Oz said that scallops, shrimp, and oysters all contain cholesterol but they actually lower your bad LDL cholesterol in your body and are good for your heart.  Dr. Oz recommended eating 3 – 4 oz of shellfish 3 times per week.

Clean Your Arteries With Kiwi Fruit

Another way in which you can cleanse your arteries is to eat kiwi fruit.  Dr. Oz said that eating just two Kiwis per day for 8 weeks can boost your levels of healthy HDL cholesterol.

Clean Your Arteries With Brussels Sprouts

Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts etc… are all cruciferous veggies that have a wide range of health benefits.  Dr. Oz mentioned that he toasts his brussel sprouts with walnuts and lemon juice.  Add some Brussels sprouts to your diet 3 times a week as a healthy food that can help to unclog your arteries.

Grape Juice Relaxes your Arteries

Dark grape juice is full of antioxidants and help to relax your blood vessels and arteries.  Dr. Oz mentioned that the darker juices are better.  He also said that you can receive benefits from drinking red wine.

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