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Dr. Oz Talks About Potential Organ Damage From Laxative Abuse and Risk of Anorexia

The first half of today’s Dr. Oz show was dedicated to Laxative Abuse and the potential risk for organ damage.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about how laxative abuse can damage your heart, colon, and brain, and lead to anorexia.   Dr. Oz invited brave women on to the show to share their stories about laxative addiction and the damages caused by this dangerous method to lose weight.

Dr. Oz said that he was shocked to learn that so many women in this country abuse laxatives to lose weight.  He polled the audience and asked them if they thought that use of laxatives could be dangerous.  The vast majority didn’t think that they could be dangerous and didn’t recognize the risks they could be doing to their bodies if they use this dangerous method to lose weight.  Dr. Oz said that he is doing this show to raise awareness about the dangers that are involved with abusing laxatives to lose weight.

Potential Organ Damage From Laxatives

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Laxatives Can Cause Organ Damage

Dr. Oz performed a demonstration on the stage to give people a visual explanation about how laxative abuse can damage your organs.  He demonstrated by displaying damaged organs and explaining how overuse of laxatives can damage the colon, brain, intestines, and heart.

Dr. Oz said that abusing laxatives can cause an imbalance in the brain which can lead to seizures.  He then went on to explain how laxative abuse can damage and even destroy your colon.  If this happens you could end up needing a colostomy bag.

Being a heart surgeon Dr. Oz expressed serious concern about the damage that you can be doing to your heart.  He was talking to a woman who lost almost 200 pounds from abusing laxatives to lose weight.  She went from 268 lbs down to 78 lbs.  She takes 30-40 laxatives a day (this is after she cut back).  Dr. Oz told her that this abuse can cause her heart to stop at literally any moment.  This definitely caught her attention and the seriousness of her addiction.  He offered the woman to get help for addiction and she accepted.

Tennie McCarty from Shades of Hope Treatment Center explained to the audience that most women don’t realize that they have an addiction.  It starts out small and then snowballs to the point where it becomes out of control.   She said that first you need to be honest about your addiction and address the fact if you have a problem.  You then should tell someone who will support you.  She said many people feel that there is a shame involved with having a laxative addiction but there is help out there if you seek it.Be Sure To Like “Fans Of Dr. Oz” on Facebook for show summaries and recaps.