Dr Oz, Lose 10 LBs 1 Month Detox Cleanse, Homeopathic Jan 28 Preview

Dr Oz “Lose 10 LBs In A Month Detox Cleanse” Preview

Lose 10 Pounds In 1 Month Detox Plan on Dr. Oz

Dr Oz, detox plan, lose weight

Dr Oz 1 Month Detox Plan To Lose 10 LBs

It’s already the end of January and it won’t be long until you start thinking about all the fun activities that spring will bring.  Does losing 10 pounds and  detoxing your body for a healthier you sound good?  Well, be sure to tune in to the January 28, 2015 Dr. Oz “Lose 10 LBs In A Month Detox Cleanse” episode to find out how.  Dr. Oz has developed a plan to help you drop 10 pounds while detoxing your body at the same time. You will begin to notice the weight loss within a few days and you can drop the weight without any exercise or feeling that your depriving yourself (like how most diets make you feel)!

When you think of detox cleanses what do you think?  Drinking nothing but fruit juices and blended green veggies?  Dr. Oz says that he has another way to detox and not live your life like a rabbit.  It will be interesting to see what he comes up with on his detox plan.  Forget detox drinks..  Dr. Oz is going to reveal 10 detox foods that will help you lose 10 pounds so you can wear all your favorite clothes that now sit at the back of your closet because they no longer fit.. The good news is that they will after only 30 days!

Monday’s 1/26/2015 show promises to be exciting for everyone that wants to drop 10 pounds and improving their health at the same time.  Be sure to tune in, but in case you won’t be able to view the episode have no fear.  Like us on Facebook or bookmark this site to view show recaps of the upcoming detox episode.  Also so you can stay up to date on the latest medical, weight loss, and health breakthroughs that are talked about the Dr. Oz show each day.

Homepathic Remedies

Dr. Oz will also be discussing all of his favorite homeopathic remedies to help keep you healthy and to help your body heal during times of illness.  Tune in to find out the homeopathic starter kit that we all should have in our medicine cabinets at home.

Update : Here are the Homeopathic Remedies To Treat Colds, Flu, Indigestion, Fever.  Also, Homeopathic Medicine For Insomnia, Stress, and Pain.