Dr Oz Lose Weight Fast Tips, Diet Lies and Myths Making You Fat

April 21, 2014 Dr. Oz Preview

It seems that with each passing week a new diet appears out of nowhere promising you to lose weight fast.  However, their outlandish claims usually promise a lot more than they deliver.  On April 21, 2014 Dr. Oz will be debunking diet myths and lies that you have been told that are actually making you fatter.  After all of the diet myths have been exposed Dr. Oz will be sharing tips on how you can effectively lose weight fast but in a natural and healthy way.  Not only will you lose the weight, but you will have the knowledge to keep it off as well!  Don’t fall for the hype and outlandish lies from trendy diets that seem to come and go overnight.  Find out the true long lasting methods for quick and safe weight loss.

Dr. Oz will be talking about the most common diet traps that people fall in that prevent them from losing weight and may even cause them to gain weight.  If you are tired of “fighting fat” or yo-yo dieting this will be one show that you can’t afford to miss.

Dieting Tips To Lose Weight Fast

Dr. Oz said that 89% of people fall for the lies that companies promoting trendy diets tell them.  Unfortunately, most of the lies aren’t true at all.  Dr. Oz will be exposing and separating the myths from fact.  Losing weight quickly doesn’t have to be a complicated and seemingly impossible pipe dream.  If you understand how to shed pounds fast you won’t need any other complicated diet trend that likely doesn’t even work anyway.

Dr. Oz will be inviting Dr. Joel Fuhrman on to the show to help explain and share tips on what you need to know about dieting and what you can discard from your memory.  Dr. Fuhrman will be explaining why most diets fail and the simple truths that you need to know to lose weight fast.  Keep it simple and don’t fall for all the diet traps that are out there.  Follow the plan that really works and works fast!

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