Dr Oz, Low Impact Carbs, Sleep Naked, Artificial Sweeteners Insulin

Dr. Oz Episode on Low Impact Carbs, Benefits of Sleeping Naked, and Artificial Sweeteners

Today Dr. Oz was talking about weight loss tips that may be flying under the radar.  You have probably heard about how healthy carbs can help you lose weight. However, do you know which low impact carbs won’t spike your insulin levels and impede your weight loss efforts?  Dr. Oz also talks about how sleeping naked can help you lose weight, and how artificial sweeteners can raise your insulin levels.  Also check out a related episode on the Sensa 5 Day Weight Loss Study and how this weight loss program claims you can lose weight by sprinkling Sensa on to your food.

Dr. Oz : What Healthy Low Impact Carbs Can Help You Lose Weight?

Dr Oz, Low Impact Carbs, Artificial Sweeteners, Insulin Levels

Dr. Oz Talks About How Low Impact Carbs Will Not Spike Your Insulin Levels

Dr. Oz invited a guest on to the show (Dr. Natasha Turner) to talk about low impact carbs and which ones won’t spike your insulin levels.  Dr. Natasha Turner said that the following low impact carbs are healthy and will not cause your insulin levels to spike :

  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Squash
  • Ezekiel
  • Quinoa
  • Rye

Can Sleeping Naked Help You Lose Weight?

Most of us know that you can lose weight by eating less, consuming fewer calories, and burning more calories through exercise.  However, there is another way that you may have never thought of.  Dr. Oz said that sometimes weight loss problems can be the result of a hormonal imbalance in your.  Dr. Oz’s guest, Dr. Natasha Turner said that you can reset your fat loss hormones by sleeping naked!

Sleeping naked can help to melt your fat because it helps your body to cool down.  As your body cools down while you sleep it releases fat burning hormones.  The hormones also rebuild skin cells, bone cells, and muscle cells while you are snoozing away. Heavy pajamas and heavy blankets will reduce the levels of fat burning hormones that are released.

Artificial Sweeteners Raise Your Insulin Levels

Have you always had the impression that artificial sweeteners help you to lose weight?  Dr. Oz was speaking with Dr. Natasha Turner about this and they both agreed that this isn’t the case.  Artificial sweeteners will actually raise your insulin levels and actually cause you to gain weight rather than lose it!  When your insulin levels raise, your cravings for foods will increase as well.  Dr. Turner recommended not using any artificial sweeteners at all.