Dr Oz, Macaroni & Cheese Yellow Artificial Dye #5, #6 Warning

Health Warning About Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Yellow Artificial Dye #5 and #6 on Dr. Oz

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese has become a staple food for American families for years.  Not only because it’s a food kids love, but also for price and convenience.  However, Dr. Oz has a health warning about that all families should be aware of. During this segment Dr. Oz talks about the yellow artificial dyes #5 & #6 that may be harmful to your children’s health.

Yellow Dye #5 & #6 Artificial Dye In Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Is Banned In European Countries

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is by far the most popular brand in the United States.  So what is Kraft using ingredients that have been banned in countries throughout Europe?  Dr. Oz said that you can look on the label and see “yellow dye #5 and #6” listed as one of the ingredients.  This is the artificial dye that has been banned in other countries and he wants to know why Kraft is still using this potentially harmful ingredient.

Artificial Dyes Cause Hyperactivity In Children

Dr. Oz invited Lisa Leake and Vani Hari (food bloggers) on to the show to talk about artificial dyes and why we should be concerned.  Lisa and Vani are concerned about the potential health risks and their mission is to raise public awareness.  They said that that yellow dye #5 & #6 offer no nutritional value and are petroleum based.  In countries that have banned these yellow artificial dyes they use natural ways to color their food and in this case, macaroni & cheese.  They use paprika and beta-carotene which does have nutritional value without any harmful side effects that artificial dyes may pose.

When Kraft was asked about these yellow dyes they replied by saying that safety is their main priority and these artificial dyes are approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).  They said that some of their products have natural products but why doesn’t Kraft Macaroni & Cheese?  Lisa and Vani said that their Kraft Mac & Cheese is catered to kids & this product still contains yellow #5 & #6.

Why Do Companies Still Use Yellow Dyes #5 & #6?

Michael Jacobson came on to the show to talk about studies that have been done about the artificial dyes in question.  He explained to Dr. Oz that companies still use yellow #5 & #6 simply because they are the cheapest way to color food (like Mac & Cheese!)  He believes that the FDA needs to ban these ingredients to help protect our children.  Michael Jacobsen noted a study that has been performed that has shown that these ingredients cause hyperactivity in kids & the FDA has even given the study credibility.  So far the FDA hasn’t did anything about the study’s findings and yellow dye #5 and #6 is still present in many foods including Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.
What Does Dr. Oz Think?

Dr. Oz feels that manufacturers need to step up and remove these ingredients from our food supply with or without direct orders from the FDA.  He said that our children come first and their safety should be the #1 priority. He said that manufacturers either need to prove they are safe or remove the yellow dyes in question.

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