Dr Oz, Magnolia Bark For Sleep & Anxiety, Lack of Sleep Dangerous?

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Dr Oz : How Magnolia Bark Can Help Ease Your Anxiety  & Help You Sleep – Lack of Sleep Can Be Dangerous

Today Dr. Oz talks about a common problem that affects many people all throughout the world.  Sleep!  Are you getting enough?  Do you have trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep?  Insomnia is a problem that affects millions all across the country.  Today Dr. Oz did a segment on how lack of sleep can actually be dangerous to your health.    Lack of sleep can even contribute to serious diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, and even diabetes!  If you have trouble falling asleep today’s episode was for you.  He performed an on stage demonstration to explain why lack of sleep is harmful towards your health.  He also shared some natural remedies, like magnolia bark that can help you to fall asleep and to ease your stress (which often contributes to insomnia!)

Is Lack Of Sleep Dangerous?

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Michael Breus on to the show to discuss sleeping problems and why lack of sleep isn’t good for you.  Dr. Oz  said that many people resort to taking sleeping pills, drinking alcohol, or taking melatonin as a way to help them fall asleep at night.  Dr. Breus said that practices like this can be harmful and even dangerous.  Using these methods can even make your sleeping problems worse over time.

Why Do I have Trouble Sleeping At Night?

Dr. Oz performed a fan poll and asked viewers why they couldn’t stay or fall asleep at night.  He was actually quite shocked when he viewed the results.  He said that the #1 reason (of those that were polled) why women couldn’t fall asleep at night was because of their partners snoring.  50 percent of women state that their partner’s snoring was the main cause with their insomnia.

Sleep Remedies – Neti Pots & Decongestant Nasal Strips

If nasal decongestion is one of the reasons why you have trouble falling asleep at night, Dr. Breus recommends trying a nasal decongestant strip.  He also suggested giving a neti pot or saline wash a try. Magnolia Bark Helps You To Sleep And Also Relieves AnxietyDr. Oz & Dr. Breus talked about Magnolia Bark, a chinese herbal remedy that has been used for centuries to help people fall asleep and to reduce their anxiety.  Dr. Breus stated that anxiety is a huge reason why people have trouble sleeping at night.  You should take Magnolia Bark nightly in a 30 milligram dose.  You should only take magnolia bark for 6 weeks before taking a break from it.  Dr. Breus said that magnolia bark will cause significant drowsiness so you should definitely avoid taking it with any other sleeping aids or alcohol.

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Guests featured on the August 12, 2013 Dr. Oz Episode :  Lauri Loewenberg, Dr. Jen Hartstein, and Dr. Michael Breus