Dr Oz, How To Make Homemade Butter Candle, Butter From Whipped Cream

Dr Oz Talks About How To Make A Homemade Butter Candle & How To Make Butter From Heavy Cream

The fall season has snuck up on everybody and soon the leaves will be changing and the autumn nights will be bringing a crisp chill to the air.  Soon people’s homes will have the candles burning creating a warm ambiance throughout the entire home.  On today’s show Dr. Oz invited Grant Thompson (AKA….. “The King Of Random”) on to the show to talk about how to make butter from heavy cream and how to make a homemade butter candle.

Steps On How To Make A Homemade Candle With Butter

how to make a butter candle

The King of Random talks about how to make a butter candle on Dr. Oz

Who would ever think of making a candle with the same butter that you use while cooking?  This tip from The King of Random really seemed to impress Dr. Oz.  This butter candle recipe will burn for up to 6 hours (burning time depends on the amound of butter used)!  Here are the steps that were given on today’s show :

  1. Mold some butter into a ball and place it on a plate.
  2. Cut a small piece of paper and form a “wick” by rolling it in between your fingers.  The size of the wick should be made to be about 2 inches long.
  3. Using a skewer poke a hole inside the ball of butter that you molded.
  4. Place the wick inside the hole you just made and light it with a match.  The King of Random explained to Dr. Oz and the audience that it may take more than one try but it will work.

King Random’s Tip On How To Make Butter From Heavy Cream

To make your own butter all you have to do is add a small amount of heavy cream into an empty water bottle and quickly shake the bottle for about 90 seconds.  The heavy cream will turn to butter!

Tip Prevent Sticky Fingers When Eating A Popsicle

  • Poke the popsicle stick through the paper muffin cup.  The muffin cup will guard your fingers from popsicle drips

Dr Oz: Popsicle Tip to Prevent Sticky Fingers

The King of Random, Grant Thompson, shared some of his best advice with Dr. Oz!

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