Dr Oz, Manology Secrets of the Male & Female Brain, Book Review

Dr. Oz Talks With Rev Run & Tyrese Gibson About The Differences Between The Male and Female Brain

Today Dr. Oz invited Rev Run and Tyrese Gibson on to the show to talk about their book “Manology : Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed” book which has shot up the charts and is now a best seller.  In fact this book has been so popular that it surpassed Fifty Shades of Gray in sales volume.  If you always wanted to know what is inside the male brain and psyche, this was the show for you!

Men Think Differently Than Women

Tyrese Gibson explained to Dr. Oz that in writing this book he used many of his own life experiences and reflections to explain the differences between the male and female mind.  He said that men and women not only think differently they relate to one another in their own unique way.  “Happy Wife, Happy Life” is one particular phrase he used when asked about his marriage.  He said that God and his wife are what has kept him grounded over the years.

Differences Between The Male and Female Brain

Dr. Oz did a scientific demonstration on stage to explain the differences between the male and female brain.  Rev Run, Tyrese Gibson, and Dr. Oz all put on gloves to handle real human brains taken from cadavers.  Dr. Oz demonstrated the a woman’s brain has more “white matter” which causes them to to react, think, and behave differently than men.  Dr. Oz said this is what tends to make women feel more emotional than men on average.  He said men spend more time analyzing and processing information.  Men and women process information differently and this often leads to problems communicating with each other.

Women Ask Tyrese Gibson and Rev Run Questions About “Manology”

  • The first woman to ask the co authors a question about Manology was named Tiffany.  She asked if she should give her boyfriend an ultimatum about getting engaged because they have been in a relationship for over 2 years.  Tyrese Gibson said that she shouldn’t force something to happen because this could cause problems.  He said he should let things progress organically.
  • Denise asked Rev Run and Tyrese if there are any tips on how to get her husband to remember things better.  She said that her husband is constantly forgetting important dates and events in their life.  Rev Run made the suggestion of dropping hints or leaving notes to help him out with this.  He said men have a harder time remembering special events in the relationship because they tend to be less sentimental.
  • One woman asked the authors of the Manology book when should you get physical in a relationship.  Rev Run responded by saying it all depends on what the woman is seeking.  He said that if you are seeking love then you shouldn’t be physical during the early stages of the relationship.

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