Dr Oz, Too Many Antioxidants? Vitamin A, C, E Dosage Recommendations

Dr. Oz Talks To Dr. Jennifer Sacheck About How Too Many Antioxidants Can Be Harmful

Can too much of a good thing be bad?  In the world of vitamin supplementation that may be.  Today (March 19, 2014) Dr. Oz invited Dr. Jennifer Sacheck on to the show to talk about if consuming megadoses of antioxidants may raise your risk for cancer.  During this segment they share vitamin dosage guidelines for Vitamins A, C, and E.

Are Vitamin Supplements Dangerous?

We have all heard about how antioxidants can help to ward of diseases such as cancer.  However, new research seems to suggest that too much antioxidants can have a reverse effect.  To help him with this segment Dr. Oz invited Dr. Jennifer Sacheck (author of Thinner This Year) on to the show to talk about how “too much of a good thing” may not be good for you at all.

Dr. Jennifer Sacheck said that too many supplements said that taking too little or too much antioxidants can raise your risk for cancer.  If you get your antioxidants from eating healthy food you don’t have to worry about eating too many or too little antioxidants.  The problem comes from megadoses of antioxidants.  Listed below are guidelines for three of the most common antioxidants that people are familiar with.

Red Zone Limits For Vitamin A, C, and E

  • Vitamin A / Beta-Carotene : Taking over 10,000 IU puts you in the “red zone”.  Too much vitamin A can cause liver problems.
  • Vitamin C : Taking over 2,000 MG of Vitamin C can increase your risk for stomach problems
  • Vitamin E : Taking over 1,500 IU increases your risk for blood clots

Dr. Oz said that he feels that vitamin supplementation is healthy if not done to the extreme.  He said taking right amounts gives your body what it needs to help prevent disease.  When you surpass the “red zone” by taking megadoses can put you at greater risk for health problems, including cancer.

So, how much vitamin supplementation is “just right?”

Antioxidant Dosage Recommendation

  • Vitamin A : 2,500 – 3,500 IU per day
  • Vitamin C : 60 – 100 MG per day
  • Vitamin E : 20 – 50 IU per day

Food Is Your Best Source For Antioxidants

Dr. Oz believes that eating healthy foods is the best way to get your vitamins rather than taking vitamin supplements. When you are getting your antioxidants through food you don’t even have to worry about getting too much or reaching any toxicity levels.  Here are some food source recommendations for vitamins A, C, and E :

  • 1/2 of a cantalope will give you your daily supply of Vitamin A
  • 1/2 of an orange will give you your daily dose of Vitamin C
  • 1/2 cup of almonds will fulfill your daily needs of Vitamin E

Tips : Dr. Sacheck said that you should try to get your vitamins through whole foods rather than processed food sources.

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