Dr Oz, Marilu Henner Food Combinations, Energy & Diet Plan

Marilu Henner Talks About Her Vegan Diet and Food Combinations on Dr. Oz

Marilu Henner has came a long way since her days on taxi.. Today she sat down with an interview with Dr. Oz to talk about her life long dedication to health.  She revealed to Dr. Oz that her dad died at 52 years old of a heart attack and her mother died not to long after.   With her parents passing at such a young age, it motivated Marilu to educate herself on the human body, nutrition, and living the healthiest life as possible.

Marilu Henner revealed to Dr. Oz that she is 60 years old and will soon be turning 61.  Marilu looked absolutely wonderful and looked much younger than her actual age.  So, what are some of her secrets to aging so gracefully?  Marilu has a 7 day plan that will boost your energy, lose weight, and live an overall healthy life.  Also check out Marilu Henner’s Memory Makeover Plan to discover your strongest memory sense so you will be able to retain and retrieve information more easily.

Food Combinations

Marilu Henner believes that food combinations are key and some foods shouldn’t be eaten together.  If you do eat certain food combinations together there should be a “connector”.  For instance if you eat protein’s and starches together you should also have a legume (the connector).  The legume will improve your digestion of the proteins and starches.  She said that if you don’t add a connector to proteins and starches you will be bloated and tired.  She said that digesting your food takes a lot of energy. If you help your digestion it will leave you with more energy to enjoy your life.  Here are some of Marilu Henner’s tips on food combining :

Breakfast Food Combinations

Eggs and toast are a common breakfast that people eat regularly.  She said that if you simply add some beans and salsa you will improve digestion and boost your energy.

Lunch Combinations

Big salads are Marilu’s favorite lunch of choice, but she understands that some people enjoy eating starch with their lunch.  A food combination that she suggested would be an arugula salad with mashed potatoes.

Add Peanuts To Your Dinner

Marilu Henner said that peanuts are actually a legume rather than a nut. If you had brown rice and shrimp for dinner (starch and protein) simply adding some peanuts will help to improve your digestion and you will feel much better.

Snacks For A Pre-Workout Energy Boost

Marilu Henner doesn’t usually combine fruits with her meals so she adds them as a pre-workout snack.  She said that this works great as an energy booster.  She also says that you can eat as much fruits and veggies as you want at any time of the day!

Drink Water Before Meals

Marilu feels that you should drink water before your meals rather than with your meal.  She said that you should eat wet foods during your meal so you don’t dilute the nutrients from your food.  Wet food examples would be tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, and celery.