Dr Oz, Marilu Henner on Exhaustion, Energy Makeover, Awkward Questions

Dr. Oz February 13, 2013 Topic : Marilu Henner Talks About Exhaustion and Her Energy Makeover To Win The Battle

Marilu Henner has came a long way since her days of Taxi.  Over the years she has had to overcome many obstacles throughout her life.  On February 13, 2013 Marilu Henner will be sharing the stage with Dr. Oz to share her battle with exhaustion and fatigue.  She will discuss how exhaustion inhibited her life and what she has done to beat her struggles with fatigue.  Marilu and Dr. Oz will be revealing an Energy Makeover Plan to help you regain that lost energy and meet life’s challenges with a new gusto.  If energy has been a problem for you, make sure that you tune in to the February 13, 2013 show.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the show segments that were featured :

Awkward Questions That Your Too Embarrassed To Ask!

awkward questions, energy makeover

Dr. Oz Awkward Questions and Energy Makeover Episode

We all have had an awkward question that is too embarrassing to ask your doctor or anyone else for that matter.  On 2-13-2013 Dr. Oz will be hosting a fun segment where no questions will be off limits!  These questions will be embarrassing and will most definitely make you feel quite awkward.  However, like a train wreck it will be too hard for you too look away.  However, embarrassing that the questions may be you will be curious as to what the answers will be!  Dr. Oz will be discussing outrageous health related questions covering any topic.  Dr. Oz believes that you should never be too embarrassed to discuss anything health related with your Dr. even though it may be very awkward for you.  Withholding embarrassing symptoms or ailments can actually keep your doctor from what he / she may need to properly diagnose you.

Dr. Oz has a knack of approaching awkward subjects with candid humor that puts everyone at ease.  Bodily functions, smells, etc…. Anything goes..  Make sure that you tune in to see some of the most outrageous health related questions ever asked on television.

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