Dr. Oz, Marilu Henner’s Memory Makeover Plan, Strongest Sense

Marilu Henner’s Memory Makeover Plan on Dr. Oz

Today Dr. Oz invited Marilu Henner on to the show to talk about her 7 Day Energy Makeover Plan and how you can supercharge your memory.  Marilu Henner as a super memory and today she shared some tips on how you can too!  In fact, Marilu is one of the few people in the world that has a documented “supior autobiographical memory”.  This means that she can remember nearly every day of her life.  Also be sure to check out Marilu Henner’s Food Combinations To Improve Your Digestion and Memory.

Marilu said that when she was a kid people used to call her the “memory child” for her knack of remembering literally everything!  Dr. Oz threw a date out at her and asked her if she could recall it..  He asked her what she was doing on July 29, 1981.  Marilu quickly responded with July 29, 1981 was on a wednesday.  She said that was the day that Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married.  She knew exactly where she was at and that it was at the time when she was shooting a movie with John Schneider.

Determine Your Strongest Memory Sense

Marilu said that all of us are constantly recording the events of our lives.  We are retaining the information and we have the ability to retrieve the information if you play to the strength of your strongest memory sense (sound, sight, smell, taste, touch). You can use your strongest memory sense to help retrieve information that you have stored.

So how do you know what your strongest memory sense is?  Dr. Oz asked the question, “What is your favorite part of a wedding?”  The choices were :

A. Dancing

B. Open Bar

C. Ceremony

D. Visiting with friends

E. Food

She said the answers that you give to this test can give you an indication of your strongest sense.  For instance if you answered dancing this usually indicates that you are a sound person.  Here are what all of the answers may indicate :

A. Dancing – Sound

B. Open Bar – Smell

C. Ceremony – Site

D. Friends – Touch

E. Food – Taste

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