Dr Oz, Mayor Bloombergs Sugary Drink Ban, Buying Soda With Food Stamps

Dr. Oz Talks With Mayor Michael Bloomberg About A Sugary Drink & Soda Pop Ban in New York City

dr. oz, mayor michael bloomberg, soda pop ban

Dr. Oz Talks With Mayor Bloomberg About Soda Pop Ban

While the vast majority of Americans understand that sugary drinks and soda pop may not be particularly healthy, does the government have the right to step in and impose a ban preventing us from having the right to drink them at all?  While you still may be able to drink soda there is an initiative underway to ban large sugary drinks from movie theaters and restaurants.  Would this proposal set a precedent to allow more widespread dietary restrictions in the future? Today Dr. Oz sat down with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to talk about this ban and whether this legislation has gone too far.  Also be sure to check out the followup segment on energy drinks and whether they are harmful to our kids.

The Average American Drinks 44 Gallons of Soda Pop Every Year

Did you know that Americans drink an average of 44 gallons of soda every year?  Dr. Oz was shocked at this statistic of about how many empty calories and extra sugar people are putting into their bodies.  Dr. Oz and Mayor Bloomberg went to the stage to demonstrate what all of this extra sugar is doing to our bodies.   They put on a pair of gloves to look at a fatty heart.  Dr. Oz said that all of the extra sugar that the average American is consuming from soda pop leads to belly fat and a fatty heart as well.Dr. Oz agrees that 44 gallons of soda pop every year is entirely too much and can lead to unwanted health consequences. However, he mentioned to Mayor Bloomberg about how he has been accused of going to far and how New York City is behaving as a “Nanny State”.   Mayor Bloomberg replied by saying that the legislation that he is proposing wouldn’t take away anyone’s right to drink soda, it would only limit the size of soda pop that could be sold in movie theaters and restaurants.  This legislation wouldn’t regulate the amount of soda anyone can purchase or drink when it is bought from a store.

Ban To Buy Soda Pop With Food Stamps

Dr. Oz said that soda is the largest contributor of “empty calories”.  So, why should you be allowed to buy soda with food stamps? This was the next subject that was discussed on the segment. Mayor Bloomberg would like to have soda removed from list of allowable food and drink items that you are allowed to purchase on food stamps.  He believes that food stamps should be to provide nutrition for families and not just empty calories.  The government however refused to restrict soda pop from those who receive food stamps.

ConclusionMayor Michael Bloomberg does not think his legacy will be tied to the sugary drink plan that he wants to implement but he thinks that this ban would be an important step in reducing obesity and improving the health of New York City citizens..  Dr. Oz said that he shares the concerns that Mayor Bloomberg has about the health of Americans and he feels that we need more political leaders like Bloomberg who wants to make our citizens health a main priority during their tenure in office.

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