Dr Oz Medication Myths, Are Vitamin Injections Safe? Clean Diet Plan

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Dr Oz January 17 2013 Episode On Myths About Medications, Vitamin Injections, and A Clean Diet Plan To Lose Weight

dr oz, clean diet plan, vitamin injections

Dr Oz Clean Diet Plan, Medication Myths, and Vitamin Injections

The Dr Oz January 17 2013 episode will deal with several interesting subjects about health and weight loss.  Dr. will be inviting guests on to the show who believe they have found the secrets to the “Fountain of Youth”.  They have been taking vitamin injections that they feel are helping to turn back the  hands of time.  Dr. Oz discusses this subject and talks medication myths and those that really work.  He also will be discussing a ‘clean diet plan’ to help you lose weight.

Are Vitamin Injections Safe?

Dr. Oz is skeptical and has concerns over the safety of vitamin injections. However, the guests on the show swear by the practice and they feel that the injections are helping to keep looking and feeling young.  Would you ever consider taking Vitamin injections?  Not sure?  Well, if you are on the fence about this anti-aging strategy you will surely want to set the DVR’s so you don’t miss the episode that will be airing on 1-17-2013.  In case you miss the episode be sure to like us on Facebook or bookmark our site so you can view all of the show recaps and start improving your health today!

Update : The show has been aired and here is the segments that discusses this subject :

Medication Myths

During this segment of tomorrow’s show Dr Oz will be tackling “medication myths” that you may have been curious about.  Be sure to tune in to this important portion of the show.  Find out how  you should dispose of medications, their life expectancy, and much more.

Quick and Clean Diet Plan

Dr Oz is going to unveil his “Quick and Clean Diet Plan” to help you lose weight effectively, safely, and long term.  If you are tired of yo-yo dieting, you may want to tune in to the show to check out Dr. Oz’s plan for long term plan to shed unwanted pounds!