Dr Oz, Melt Fat With Coconut Oil, CLA, Avocados For Stress, Pyruvate

Dr. Oz July 24, 2013 Topics – Coconut Oil Melts Fat, Red Wine Prevents Fat Buildup, and Avocado’s Lower Stress

On July 24, Dr. Oz did an episode that featured a segment on how certain food combinations can help to speed up your weight loss efforts.  Dr. Oz talks about how coconut oil contains MCT’s which your body uses for energy and increases your body’s efficiency to burn fat.  He also talks about food combinations like oranges and avocados that can help you to melt away your stress and your belly fat at the same time!

Add MCT’s To Your Diet With Coconut Oil

MCT’s, (aka Medium Chain Triglycerides) and can help you lose weight!  Dr. Eva Selhub appears on the Dr. Oz July 24 show to talk about how MCT’s can help you lose weight because MCT’s found in coconut oil are easier to digest than fats in other cooking oils.  They are quickly absorbed and go to the stomach for liver and energy.

Dr. Oz also talks about how red wine can prevent fat buildup and CLA (aka Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is supplement that can help you to burn fat.  CLA’s can naturally be found in certain meats and dairy.  When you are searching for a CLA supplement you should look for :

  • Look for a CLA supplement made with Safflower Oil
  • Choose a dosage that contains 1 gram and take 3 times per day
  • Check with a doctors to make sure that you don’t have diabetes before taking CLA supplements

Red Wine Can Help To Burn Fat

Your body creates pyruvate when sugars found in red wine, apples, and red grapes are broken down.  However, you would have to drink too much red wine to get the amounts of pyruvate that your body would need to help yo lose weight. Therefore, Dr. Selhub talks about what kind of pyruvate supplement to look for to help aid you in weight loss.

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Food Combinations That Burn Fat – Vitamin D & Calcium

Dr. Oz talks about certain food combinations that will help you to burn fat more efficiently.  Dr. Oz talks about research that suggests that you will boost your body’s ability to burn fat more efficiently when you cut calories in combination with adding vitamin D and calcium to your diet.  This food combination can help you to burn 50 percent more belly fat!  Belly fat is the type of fat that doctors are concerned about the most because of it’s link to heart disease and diabetes.

Eating Oranges Help To Reduce Your Stress

Dr. Oz invited nutritionist Kate Gaegan on to the show to talk about another food combination that can help to melt your stress away.  Kate explains that vitamin C is a nutrient that neutralizes cortisol (also known as the stress hormone).  Our levels of cortisol increase when we are under stress.  Vitamin C helps to lower cortisol levels.. So eat some oranges for a healthy dose of vitamin C to help keep you at ease.  When you combine oranges with avocados you get a powerful one two punch that can help you to lose weight!  Avocados are full of healthy mono unsaturated fats.  Kate Gaegan said that when you eat avocados with oranges you can help speed up your weight loss efforts.

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Guests to be featured on the Dr. Oz July 25, 2013 Episode :

  • Dr. Eva Selhub, Kate Geagan, MS, RD, Jorge Cruise, and Stacia Woodcock

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