Dr Oz, Meredith Vieira Husband With Multiple Sclerosis, Coping Advice

Meredith Vieira Talks With Dr Oz About Her Husband’s Multiple Sclerosis and Coping Advice For Families

If you are a fan of The View, you are probably also a fan of Meredith Vieira.  Meredith Viera’s husband has Multiple Sclerosis and today she sat down with Dr. Oz to talk about this disease and all the struggles that they go through on a day to day basis.  She shares how she manages to juggle her career, family, and life at home as they persevere through this illness together.  Here are some interview recaps from today’s January 9, 2013 episode :

Meredith Vieira’s Marriage and Her Husband With MS (stands for Multiple

Dr Oz, Multiple Sclerosis, Meredith Vieira Interview

Dr Oz Interview With Meredith Vieira


At the beginning of the interview Meredith shared with Dr. Oz that she knew that her husband had MS from the second date that they had.  Even though she knew about his condition it never deterred her from the relationship.  She has loved her time with her husband from their first meeting so she never let his condition get in the way.  She said that MS (or any other disease) can happen to any of us at any time so she wasn’t going to let MS stand in the way of their relationship and the man that she loves.

Meredith spoke frankly by saying that yes it is a struggle, but they make it through each day together as a team.  She said the disease has probably made her children to be better people because they are empathetic and compassionate to the condition that they all live with together as a family.

Sometimes It’s Ok To Ask For Help!

Meredith Vieira admitted to Dr. Oz that sometimes she struggles to cope during some of the darker moments of her husband’s illness.  She said that she has learned that it’s ok to ask for help from her loved ones.  She said that there are times when you want to release your emotions that can be overwhelming.

Meredith told Dr. Oz that her husband was an athlete and they used to enjoy running together.  Her husband’s illness has progressed to the point where he can no longer run with Meredith and there are times when it’s hard to look over and realize that he can’t be there with her any longer.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Dr. Oz was fascinated by the fact that even though Meredith was talking about some dark subjects her eyes were bright and full of joy.  Meredith said that “Humor Is My Viagra” and it has helped her and her family through all the struggles that they have faced.   She said that “Humor Is My Viagra”, because it keeps you up.. This got a laugh out of Dr. Oz and the audience.

Advice For Families Coping With MS

Meredeth Vieira said that if your family is struggling with with a difficult situation it is ok to reach out to your loved ones around you. She also said that you are much stronger than what you realize and you will find the strength when you need it.  While the road in front of you may not be easy you can make it by simply placing one foot in front of the other and surging ahead.