Dr Oz, Metabolism Checklist, Thyroid & Estrogen Tests, Fat Free Foods

Dr. Oz Talks About Foods That Slow Your Metabolism and Thyroid & Estrogen Tests

Dr. Oz has been talking about weight loss and fat burning solutions all week on his show and today’s topic was your metabolism and foods to avoid that may be slowing down your metabolism and preventing your from shedding those lbs.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about several issues that may be slowing your metabolism such as age, fat-free foods, thyroid dysfunction, and estrogen levels.  Kick starting your metabolism is a must if you want to have an easier time losing weight.  Also be sure to check out the followup segment which was about Losing 20 LBS in 4 Weeks By Balancing Your Hormones!

Your Metabolism Slows As You Get Older

Age does indeed slow your metabolism over time.  Dr. Oz shared the stage with nutritionist, Haylie Pomroy to talk about how aging can affect this process.  She said that our hormones change as we get older and this has an effect on our metabolism.  She also said that you can help to combat this inevitable process with your food that you eat and you can enhance your fat burning potential.

Metabolism Checklist

metabolism check list, fat free foods slow metabolism

Restrictive Diets Can Slow Down Your Metabolism

Haylie Pomroy performed a lot of research and discussed metabolism problems with leading medical experts.  Here is the the metabolism checklist that she came up with and shared on Dr. Oz :

Thyroid and Estrogen Levels – Haylie Pomroy said that a lot of doctors don’t test for the Reverse T3 hormone.  She says that the Reverse T3 plays an essential role in your metabolism so ask for this the next time you get your thyroid tested.  Another test you should ask to have checked is your estrogen levels.  If your estrogen is too high you are more likely to store fat in all the wrong places!

Too Many Diets Slow Your Metabolism

Another problem on Haylie’s “Metabolism Checklist” that people have is that many diet too much.  She said that if you frequently go on restrictive diets you can slow your metabolism.  She said that each restrictive diet that you go on can slow down your metabolism by 20 percent!

Fat Free Foods Slow Metabolism

Fat free foods usually are high in sugar.  The sugar in fat free foots is quickly turned into fat in the body.  They also contain a chemical called “Obesogens” which cause you to store fat in your body.

Eating The Same Foods Slow Down Your Metabolism

Do you find yourself buying the same foods and just sticking with them.  Haylie Pomroy told Dr. Oz that eating the same foods each day slows down your metabolism.  Your body becomes resistant to certain foods so you should challenge or “cross-train” your metabolism with different foods.  She said that if you do things to speed up your metabolism it is more effective than dieting.