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Michael Moss Talks About Unhealthy Practices That Food Companies Do To Our Food For Added Flavor

Today Dr. Oz invited Michael Moss on to the show to talk about the Food Industry Cover Up that wants consumers to become addicted to unhealthy processed foods so they keep craving more.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks with Michael about his book Salt, Sugar, Fat which exposes food industry secrets that they don’t want anyone to know.  Also check out the followup segment where Dr. Oz talks about Healthy Snacks and Plastic Ware That Don’t Contain Trans Fats, or BPA’s.

Kosher Salt Adds Shelf Life and Flavor

Michael Moss said that the food industry has secret ingredient that they add to all sorts of food to add a “flavorburst” in your mouth and to add shelf life.  He said that kosher salt is a “magical” ingredient for many reasons.  Not only does it add flavor to food it is also shaped differently than other kinds of salt.  This helps kosher salt stick to food better.  He said that Kosher salt is also hollow inside which allows more saliva to make contact with the salt creating more flavor.  He said that a signal is then sent to the brain to eat more and creates an addiction to these foods.

Warmed Over Foods

Another food industry secret that Michael Morse talks about in his book (Salt Sugar Fat) is what is called “Warmed Over Flavor” (WOF).  Many processed foods cook the food before it is packaged.  The food will then have to be reheated by the consumer.  Foods lose flavor when they are reheated so to combat flavor loss, these foods are loaded up with salt to add flavor.

Another term that Michael Moss explained to Dr. Oz is called “Mouthfeel.”  Mouthfeel is the sensation in your mouth when you eat fatty foods.  He said that fat contains twice the amount of calories as sugar. He said companies then add sugar to the fat and it sends signals to the brain that keeps you eating more and more.  He termed the method of adding sugar to fat as the “Holy Grail”, or the “Perfect Storm” that will will keep you craving the same type of foods continuously.

Food Industry Response To Michael Moss’s Book

Dr. Oz contacted the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association.  They responded by saying that Michael Moss has misrepresented the industry and that they are committed to providing consumers with healthy foods.  Michael Moss doesn’t believe this, and the proof is in the fact that obesity has become such a problem in this country.  He said that in his book he conducts interviews with “insiders” in the food industry and they also agree that the food industry is more concerned with creating food products that keep the consumers coming back, much more than they are concerned about the health of the consumers.

What Do You Think?

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