Dr Oz, Miradry Treatment Procedure For Hyperhidrosis, Excess Sweating

Wendy Williams Talks About Hyperhidrosis On Dr. Oz

Wendy Williams, daytime talk show diva, appeared on Dr. Oz today to talk about a health secret that she hasn’t told many people about until now.  Wendy Williams has the annoying and potentially embarrassing problem of hyperhidrosis which causes you to sweat excessively. Today she talked with Dr. Oz about how she has dealt with hyperhidrosis and a treatment procedure called Miradry which may be the answer that she is looking for.

Wendy Williams Battle With Hyperhidrosis

Wendy Williams said that she suffers from excessive sweating under her arms.  Dr. Oz admits that he suffers from this same problem as well.  She said that her problem typically occurs when she is hosting her television show rather than in everyday situations.  She said that she has tried prescription antiperspirants but they don’t do the job.  Nothing she has tried has helped control her excessive sweating.

Dr. Oz admits that he has a problem of uncontrollable sweating too at times.  He said that he also suffers from hyperhidrosis while doing his daily television show.  This is one of the reasons why he often wears blazers to cover up the sweat spot under his arms.

If not even prescription deodorants have helped Wendy get passed her excessive sweating are there any treatments out there that she can turn to?  Fortunately there is a procedure called MiraDry that works and on top of that, it’s permanent!

Miradry Review

Miradry is an FDA approved treatment for hyperhidrosis.  This is a treatment that Wendy is excited about trying.  Miradry is an outpatient treatment and you may only have to be treated one time.  This outpatient procedure doesn’t require any surgical incisions at all. The licensed clinician works by delivering electromagnetic energy to the problem areas (in Wendy’s case, under her armpits).  Dr. Oz said that essentially you get your sweat pores microwaved.

How Many Procedures Of Miradry Take?

While some people have success after one treatment, typically you will have to go back and have the procedure performed again.  The treatment takes approximately one hour.How Much Does MiraDry Cost?Dr. Oz said that this non invasive procedure costs approximately $2,500.  Wendy Williams seems to think that this is a small price to pay because she said “I’m In!”

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