Dr Oz, Montel’s Daughter Has Cancer, Hodgkin’s Disease, Lymph Node Test

Dr. Oz Talks To Montel Williams About His Daughters Cancer Diagnosis (Hodgkins) – Take The Lymph Node Self Test

Today’s Dr. Oz show was filled with emotion as Montel Williams sat down with Dr. Oz for an exclusive interview to talk about Montel’s daughter and her recent diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Dr. Oz and Montel talk about the risk factors for this illness as well as Maressa’s (Montel’s Daughter) prognosis and what she will be facing over the next 4-6 months.

Who Is Most At Risk For Hodgkins Disease?

Dr. Oz talked about the age groups and other risk factors for Hodgkins Lymphoma..

  • People who are between 15-35 years old
  • People over 55
  • Genetic family history
  • If you have had an Epstein-Barr infection in the past

Take The Lymph Node At Home Self Exam

Early detection is of paramount importance to improve your chances of beating Hodgkins.  Here is the Lymph Node Self Exam that Dr. Oz displayed on today’s show.

  1. Put three fingers on the side of your neck behind each ear and try to feel your lymph nodes
  2. Feel the lymph nodes on the side of your neck
  3. You also have lymph nodes under your jaw.  When you are sick they will feel swollen and tender.

Dr. Oz said that if your lymph nodes under your jaw feel hard and do not move you should make an appointment to see a doctor.  If your lymph nodes under your jawline feel like marbles, it is one of the first signs of Hodgkins and you should see a doctor immediately.

Other Less Common Signs Of Hodgkins Lymphoma

Dr. Oz said that there are other symptoms associated with Hodgkins Disease such as :

  • Sensitivity to alcohol
  • Fatigue
  • Night sweats
  • Pain in the nose after consuming alcohol
  • Weight loss that you can’t explain

Your body will give you symptoms that will tell you that something may be wrong.  Dr. Oz said that you shouldn’t ignore any of the symptoms that your body is trying to tell you because early cancer detection is key.  He also said that Hodgkins Disease is one of the most curable kinds of cancer when you catch it in the early stages.

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