Dr Oz Mood Swing Causes, Passionflower Tea for Anxiety and Relaxation

Dr. Oz Talks About What Causes Mood Swings – Passionflower Tea For Mood, Anxiety, and Relaxation

Let’s face it… We all have mood swings and sometimes they seem to come on for no apparent reason.  Dr. Oz said that mood swings could be occurring to you for many different reasons.  To help him explain why people get mood swings, Dr. Oz invited two women on to the stage to talk about how they deal with stress.  One woman was 25 years old, while the other woman was 43.  Dr. Oz said that even your age plays a role when it comes to mood swings.

Mood Swing Causes

Dr. Oz said that when you are younger you don’t have nearly as much stress in your life.  When you are overcome with stress you are better able to handle it and get right back into the groove of things.  When you are older you have more stresses like a home mortgage, bills, etc….  Dr. Oz said that when you hit your 40’s your mood swings can change drastically.  Daily stresses, children events, (hormones??), health problems with your parents, and the list goes on and on.  The “40’s” are a very stressful time of life for many men and women.  All of these cumulative events happening simultaneously in your life can really affect someones mood, and sometimes drastic mood swings are the result.

Your Pituitary Gland Influences Your Mood Swings

Dr. Oz said that the pituitary gland plays an important role in your body.. It has many functions, and one of those functions is your mood.  When your pituitary gland isn’t working as it should it may not be giving you the right amount of hormones that your body needs.  When your hormones get unbalanced your moods can fluctuate wildly.  You also don’t bounce back to stresses quite as quickly as you did when you were younger.

Passionflower Tea For Mood Swings, Anxiety, and Relaxation

Dr. Oz said that one of the best ways that you can combat mood swings and anxiety is with Passionflower Tea. In a past episode Dr. Oz said that Passionflower is also good for insomnia.  He said that Passionflower contains many of the same properties that are found in prescriptions that you receive from the doctor.  Not only that, passionflower is all natural without many of the side effects of prescription medications.  Passionflower can :

  • Relieve your anxiety
  • Promote rest and relaxation
  • Ease your stress

Dr. Oz said to drink 1 cup of passionflower tea each day to receive the benefits.

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