Dr Oz, Mop Slippers, Touch Free Toilet Seat, Gadget To Separate Eggs

The Best Inventions For Lazy Women on Dr. Oz : Mop Slippers, Touch Free Toilet & Egg Separator

On July 10th Dr. Oz invited 3 of the self proclaimed “laziest” women to appear on the show to test out inventions that will help you around the house using as little effort as possible!  Dr. Oz and the three women reviewed mop slippers, a touch free toilet seat, and a gadget that will separate your eggs for you.  Also be sure to check out the prior segment when Dr. Oz and guests reviewed weight loss gadgets: The Hapi Fork and Fruit Water Infuser.

Mop Slippers & Baby Mop Onesies

The three women tried out all of the “lazy woman” inventions and were asked to give their reviews of the gadgets on today’s show.  One woman who tested out the mop slippers and mop onsie (tested out by her baby) said that the mop slippers were really easy to use.  You simply slip them on like a regular pair of slippers.  She said that she has a dog at home and she was amazed at how much the mop slippers actually picked up.  She then set her baby down on stage while wearing a “mop slipper onesie”.  The mother loved the slippers but didn’t care for the mop onesie.  She said that all she could envision is her baby girl picking at the the mop fibers and sticking her fingers in her mouth.

Remote Control Cooler

The next woman tested out a “Remote Control Cooler”.  She liked it because you could put everything that you want for the day into the cooler.  Dr. Oz tested out the remote control cooler on stage and kind of rolled his eyes.  Of course, Dr. Oz would much rather you to get up off the couch to get your beverages!  He asked the woman how she liked it.. She said that it was ok, but was much better suited for a man to enjoy in their “man cave”.

Egg Separator

This handy gadget does what the name implies, it separates the yolk from the egg. A woman tested the egg separator on stage.  All you do is crack the egg into a bowl.  You then squeeze the egg separator around the yolk and it sucks it right up.

Touch Free Toilet Seat

Dr. Oz saved this invention for last because he knows how irritating it is for men to leave the toilet seat up!  The touch free toilet seat has a sensor on the front of the toilet seat cover as well as the lower lid.  You simply put your hand in front of the sensor and the toilet seat will rise.  The woman who tested this invention said that she likes it because she has a child and it’s a good way for them to avoid touching the lid.

To lower it the lid you just wave your hand across the sensor once again and it lowers back to it’s original position.  There is also a timer on the toilet seat lid!  Once you have walked away from the toilet for more than 30 seconds the toilet seat automatically lowers!  All three women who tested the touch free toilet seat said that they would definitely use it.  The price is approximately 129 dollars.

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