Dr. Oz, Most Awkward Questions, Sweat Harness, Butt Boils (Pimples)

Moop? Jogasm? Sweat Harness?  Dr. Oz Talks About The Most Awkward and Embarrassing Questions Every

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Awkward Questions On Dr. Oz Show

Throw the etiquette book out the window because today Dr. Oz talked about the most awkward and embarrassing questions of all time.  Have you ever had a question that you felt was too awkward to mention to your doctor or to your closest friend?  If so, you can probably relate to some of the questions that were asked to Dr. Oz on today’s show.  The questions went from awkward, to disturbing, to outright embarrassing.  However, these were all health related questions that are more common than you may think.  In fact there is fair chance that one of the following questions may have entered your mind at one time or another but were too embarrassed to ask.

What can you do to cure butt pimples?

Dr. Oz spoke with a woman who said that she has “butt boils” that occasionally get so large that it makes her uncomfortable when she walks and they feel like she’s sitting on golf balls while in a seated position.  Dr. Oz said that the “butt boils” as she referred to them are actually big pimples that are caused by infected hair follicles beneath the skin surface.  He said that one of the best ways to treat butt pimples is to take a bath in epsom salts.  He said that soaking in a bath of epsom salts will help to bring the boil to the surface of the skin to pop naturally.  He also said not to pick it them because this can irritate and worsen the condition.  He said that if you experience boils on your bottom on a frequent basis to speak with your physician about the problem.

Orgasming While Jogging

The next woman who asked a question that definitely qualified for the most embarrassing question of a time, said that when she goes jogging she occasionally experiences an orgasm.  Dr. Oz came up with a term for this “ailment” that she experiences as “Jogism”.  This brought forth quite a few laughs from the audience.  He said that Jogism is actually quite common for women when exercising.  Dr. Oz said that when you run it causes friction that is similar to having sex.  Not only that your body is releasing endorphins (runners high) and hormones.  All of this put together can cause you to have an orgasm.  To avoid this Dr. Oz suggested wearing looser fitting underwear.

Moop? What Is Moop?

This awkward question came from a woman who said that after eating spicy foods her poop has mucous in it.  Dr. Oz coined this ailments as “Moop”.  He said to avoid “Moop” you should add healthy fats like avocados, olives, and peanut butter to your diet.

Arm Pit Sweating

Dr. Oz said that arm pit sweating is very common.  Some people sweat more than others but there are additional factors that can influence how much a person sweats such as :
  • Caffeine
  • Synthetic Fabrics
  • Certain prescription drugs
  • Spicy foods
  • Situations that are stressful

Sweat Harness Remedy For Arm Pit Sweating

Dr. Oz revealed one of his remedies that he personally uses, especially when speaking in public!  The remedy is called a “Sweat Harness”.  It looks similar to a bra but has pads in the harness that fit under your arms that absorb sweat.  An alternative to actually wearing the harness are “sweat pads” that you can buy that adhere to the arm pit area of your shirt that will absorb the sweat and there will be no embarrassing arm pit stains!

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