Dr Oz, Too Much Sleep Bad For You, “Sleep Drunk”, Oversleeping Risks

Dr. Oz Talks About How Too Much Sleep Can Increase Your Risk For Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity

For millions of Americans, they are not getting enough sleep.  Too little sleep can be detrimental to your health.  However, did you know that too much sleep can be very bad for you as well?  Dr. Oz talks about the term “sleep drunk” and why getting too much sleep can raise your health risks for obesity, diabetes and even heart disease!

“Sleep Drunk” – Breaking Your Body’s Natural Sleep Cycle?

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Carol Ash on to the show to talk about sleeping problems.  “Sleep Drunk” is when you are awakened out of your normal sleep cycle.  Being sleep drunk is when you are woken up while you are in the deep sleep part of your REM cycle.  When you wake up sleep drunk you feel worse than if you didn’t get enough sleep.  Dr. Carol Ash explained to Dr. Oz and the audience that 40% of people in this country are getting too much sleep.  Ideally you should be getting between 7-9 hours of sleep.

Too Much Sleep Increases Your Risks Of Obesity, Heart Disease and Diabetes

Dr. Ash said that your quality of sleep is just as important to your health as what exercise and eating a healthy diet is.  Dr. Oz displayed the health risks involved with oversleeping.

If you are getting 10 hours or more of sleep each night :

  • Heart disease risk increases by 38%
  • Obesity risk increases by 21%
  • Diabetes risk increases by a whopping 50%

Alarm Clocks Often Awaken You While You Are In a Deep Sleep Cycle

Why Oversleeping Is Bad For You

Dr. Carol Ash said that the medical community believes that oversleeping isn’t healthy for you because it causes inflammation in the body.  Getting between 7-9 hours of sleep will give you what your body needs.  More than 10 hours and you are putting yourself at risk.

Tip : If you wake up 30 minutes before you are supposed to get out of bed, just get up rather than going back to sleep.

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