Dr Oz, Myths Your Gynecologist Believes, Shaun T Plan To Lose Weight

Show Preview : Myths That Even Your Gynecologist Believes on Dr. Oz

The Dr. Oz February 20, 2013 is an important show for women that will cover personal subjects that you would only share with your gynecologist.  Dr. Oz will be inviting on medical experts to expose myths that even your Gynecologist believes.  This is one episode that you will want to see because some gynecologists are giving you the wrong information.  This show will help to raise awareness and educate women with important information that they need to be sharing with their gynecologist.

To help Dr. Oz with this episode, Dr. Lauren Streicher was invited on to the show to talk about lies that your gyno may be telling you.  Dr. Streicher who is a gynecologist herself has did a lot of research and some of the data that she has discovered is downright shocking.  However, Dr. Streicher believes that it is her responsibility and every woman’s right to know what is true and what are myths.  What will be the shocking myths that Dr. Streicher reveals on the show?  Well, you will have to tune in to watch the February 20, 2013 Dr. Oz show to find out.  However, if you won’t be able to tune in to the show, you can Like “Fans of Dr. Oz” on Facebook to view show recaps and summaries at your convenience.

Shaun T’s New 5 Week Weight Loss Plan

You may be familiar with Shaun T because he is the creator of “The Insanity Workout”.  His high intensity workout plan has helped thousands of people to lose weight quickly and get into the best shape of their lives.  On 2-20, 2013 Shaun T will be talking about a 5 week plan that will get you looking and feeling your best.  A total body transformation!  What new secrets will Shaun T be revealing on Dr. Oz?  Set your DVR’s or Like “Fans of Dr Oz” on Facebook to find out all of Shaun T’s latest tips and secrets to help you not just lose weight, but to lose unwanted fat for good!