Dr. Oz, Neck Wrinkles Microcurrent Device, Ultherapy, NuFace Treatment

Dr. Oz Talks About Neck Wrinkles and Therapy Treatments – Microcurrent Device, Ultherapy, Nuface

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Shirley Madhere on to the show to talk about the latest and greatest treatments for neck wrinkles.  They discuss and demonstrate how a Microcurrent Device works by toning the muscles and tissues beneath the skin.  They also talk about how Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C work as a team to boost your collagen and reduce your wrinkles effectively.

Treatment Options For Thin, Wrinkled and Loose Neck Skin

As we age the skin on our necks lose tone over time.  Neck skin also loses collagen as we age.  The loss of tone and collagen result in sagging skin.  Neck wrinkles occur as our skin thins and loses moisture.  Skin is thinner on your neck than what it is on your face so this is a common problem area for many people as they get older.

Some men and women form jowls as they get older.  Deep skin creases and fat accumulate along the jawline.  Fortunately there are treatments available for these aging skin problems.

Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Firm The Skin and Boost Collagen

Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Creams make a great one-two punch in the fight against wrinkles and loose skin.  Dr. Shirley Madhere said that Hyaluronic Acid helps to support your collagen and retain moisture in your skin.  It will also firm and strengthen your skin and reduce wrinkles.  Vitamin C boosts your collagen production, brightens your skin and improves your complexion.

Microcurrent Device “Neck Lift” Therapy

You can buy Microcurrent Devices online that are effective for toning the muscles under the skin.  After only a couple of treatments you will noticed a “lifted look”.  Treatments like the NuFace by Carol Cole use electrical pulses (that are painless) to improve your skin.  You will need to do Microcurrent daily for several weeks before you see all the benefits of these devices.  Dr. Madhere explained to Dr. Oz that you can use Microcurrent Devices on other places on your body as well.

Ultherapy FDA Approved Ultrasound Treatment

Ultherapy treatments work by stimulating collagen production.  You can have ultherapy treatments performed at your dermatologists office.  You may want to call and make sure they have this treatment available in your area.

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