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Dr Oz Talks About HCG Shots and Gastric Bypass Surgery

Dr. Oz has talked about HCG on many occasions over the years and it has always created a lot of buzz and controversy.  In the past Dr. Oz felt that more research needed to be done.  Well, today a leading expert in the field is back on the show to present the most recent data on HCG shots and if they are truly effective as a long term weight loss strategy.  Is HCG safe and are there side effects? Are you losing muscle mass along with fat?  Is HCG right for anyone who wants to lose weight?  Dr. Oz discussed these topics on more on today’s (February 6, 2013) highly anticipated episode.

What Is HCG and What Does It Stand For?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  So what is it?  It is a hormone that woman produces in her placenta during pregnancy..  HCG consists of 237 amino acids and it helps to protect the fetus during the pregnancy.  The reason why it is used for weight loss is because it is thought to suppress your appetite and burn calories.  However, there are also many who believe that the reason why you lose weight while on this diet isn’t even from the HCG at all.  They feel that you lose weight rapidly because you are only allowed 500 calories a day.

Do You Lose Muscle, Fat, Or Both While Taking HCG Shots?

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Are HCG Injections Right For You?

This is another question that has been asked frequently over the years.  Dr. Oz asked Dr. Sheri Emma this question and she replied by saying that the data she gathered is difficult to interpret because a person’s particular diet determines how much and what kind of weight (fat, muscle, or both) loss a person experiences.  Dr. Emma said that she found that people did retain more muscle while on the HCG diet as opposed to other low calorie diets. Dr. Oz invited another expert in the field, Dr. Craig Primack (specializes in obesity) on to the show to debate this topic.  Unlike Dr. Emma, he doesn’t believe that HCG is effective in helping you to lose weight. So the controversy continues……There is a “New HCG Diet” compared to the “Old HCG Diet” that is also under debate.  Dr. Sheri Emma said that there are three reasons why the New HCG Diet is better.  She said that the old diet used the same dosage levels for everyone.  3 Reasons Why The New HCG Diet Is Different From The Older Version :

  • Higher Dosage Levels – The newer diet offers patients higher dosages of HCG.  She said that research has shown that greater muscle retention is attained at higher doses.
  • Customized Calorie Restriction – Another reason why the new version has more advantages is that everybody no longer is put on the same calorie restriction.  She said that a 250 lb man shouldn’t be on the same 500 calorie per day diet as a woman who weights 150 lbs.  She customizes the calorie for each of her patients individually based on their needs.
  • Exercise – Dr. Emma now encourages her patients to exercise while on the HCG diet.  This is different from the older program that didn’t call for any exercise.

Should You Try HCG Shots Before Resorting To Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Dr. Oz said that many people who are obese or looking to lose more than just a few pounds are turning to  Gastric Bypass Surgery.  Dr. Oz asked Dr. Emma to compare the two weight loss methods and what she thought about about people who were torn between these two options.   First of all she said that Gastric Bypass is more invasive and requires surgery.  She often recommends to her patients who are trying to decide between the two to try her “New” customized HCG diet plan before resorting to Gastric Bypass Surgery.Like “Fans of Dr Oz” on Facebook for show summaries and recaps to stay up to date on all the current topics in case you can’t catch all of his episodes on television each day.