Dr Oz, Nightmare Cause & Dream Rescripting, Vitamin B6 To Remember Dreams

Dr. Oz Talks About Controlling Your Dreams For Better Health – Dream Rescripting & Cause of Nightmares, Vitamin B6 Dream Booster

On today’s show Dr. Oz invited Kelly Sullivan Walden (author of It’s All In Your Dreams) to talk about the importance of your dreams and how they can influence your health.  She feels that too few people take notice of their dreams and their meaning.  She feels that learning to understand your dream and the tone that it takes can play a huge role in improving your overall health.  Dr. Oz also spoke with a sleep specialist who says that during are awakened hours our minds are bombarded with information and it becomes too much to process at one time.  When we dreams, we process all the data that we have taken in..  She made the analogy that our brain is like a filing cabinet and when we dream we organized all the unprocessed data so we can be productive the next day without so much clutter.  Also be sure to watch the followup segment when Kelly talks about what falling & water dreams mean as well as the meaning of Dr. Oz’s recurring dream.

Remember Your Positive Dreams To Enhance Your Health

When you remember your positive dreams your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) lower and this is very beneficial towards your health.  Dr. Medalie explained to Dr. Oz that there are steps that you can take to remember your positive dreams to lower your stress levels and improve your overall health.

How To Remember Your Dreams

Kelly Sullivan Walden gave the following tip to remember your dreams :

Do not move when you wake up in the morning – The first thing people do when people wake up is to move around and start thinking about all of their responsibilities for the upcoming day.  Kelly said what you should do instead is remain in the position you were when you woke up and keep your eyes closed.  While you are laying there with your eyes closed you should ask yourself “What did I just Dream About?” three consecutive times.  Doing this simple trick will help you to remember your dreams on a more frequent basis.  Kelly said that you generally have a 5 minutes time span in which to record your dream in your memory before it fades away.

Vitamin B6 Can Help You Improve Your Memory & Remember Your Dreams More Vividly

Dr. Lis Medalie said that Vitamin B6 helps to improve your memory and if you take this supplement before bed you will remember more of your dreams.  She said the reason behind this is because Vitamin B6 boosts your serotonin levels and this cause your dreams to become more vivid and increase your dream clarity.  Here are the suggestions she made on today’s Dr. Oz :
  • Take a vitamin b6 supplement to increase dream clarity
  • Take a multivitamin that contains B6
  • Take 1/2 the pill in the morning and the other 1/2 at night

How To Lose Weight by Sleeping

The power of the subconscious mind can’t be underestimated.  You can even use positive thoughts to help you lose weight!  Kelly Walden said that sleeping won’t actually cause you to lose weight, the dreams that you have can!

Kelly explained to Dr. Oz and the viewers that the few minutes before you drift off to sleep are the most important time for you to send yourself positive thoughts.  Kelly said that you hold 88 percent of your mind’s power in your subconscious mind.  You can harness this power by sending yourself positive thoughts to lose weight before you enter your dream state.

What Is The Cause Of Nightmares

Have you ever had a recurring nightmare that keeps coming back.  It can get to the point where you are actually afraid to fall asleep because you fear the nightmare coming back once again.  Dr. Lisa Medalie said that recurring nightmares are quite common and this can lead to sleeping problems.  Prolonged sleeping problems can also be bad for your health as well as negatively impact your daily routine due to exhaustion.  Kelly Walden said that the cause of nightmares for many people is the fact that they aren’t facing certain issues while they are awake and the nightmare keeps recurring until the issue is resolved.

Using “Rescripting” To End A Nightmare

Dr. Medalie recommends to her patients that have recurring nightmares to practice a technique called “Rescripting”..  Rescripting is a technique used to rewrite and change the ending of your dream.  She said that you should practice rewriting the new ending several times a day and soon your recurring nightmare will end the way that you have rescripted it to end!

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