Dr Oz, No Bake Energy Bar Recipe, 1 Minute Energy Boosting Plan, Kiwi

Dr Oz No Bake Energy Bar Recipe, Kiwi’s Fatigue Fighting Power, and 1 Minute Energy Boosting Plan

Have you been lacking energy to get you through the day?  Today Dr. Oz was talking about how Oatstraw Extract and Rhodiola can boost your energy and keep you running on all cylinders all throughout the day.  During this segment he shared a “No Bake Energy Bars” recipe that will keep you revved up when your energy starts to slide.  He also talks about his “One Minute Wake up Plan” that you should do each morning to get your blood pumping and to give you a quick morning energy boost.  He also explains how Kiwi fights fatigue and how they compare to oranges.

No Bake Energy Bar Recipe

dr oz, 1 minute energy boosting plan, no bake energy boosting recipe

Dr Oz Talks About Energy Boosters – Kiwi, No Bake Energy Boosting Recipe

What you eat during the day has a lot to do with your energy (or lack thereof) and to help get you through those afternoon lulls that are problems for many people.  Dr. Oz suggested trying this “No-Bake Energy Bar” recipe to make at home and take with you to snack on when you are starting to feel your energy levels drop..  Here are the ingredients and directions for this easy to make nutritious recipe :

Ingredients :

  • 1 Cup of instant oats
  • 1/3 cup of dried tart cherries
  • 1/2 cup all natural peanut butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 3 tbsp of honey

Directions :

Mix all the ingredients shown above in a bowl.  Then spread and shape to your liking on a plate and set in fridge to cool..  Then cut into squares and your done!  Easy as that.  Take these quick energy boosters to snack to help keep your batteries charged.

Energy Boosting Power From Kiwi Fruit

Dr. Oz invited a dietician on to the show (Kate Geagan) to talk about how Kiwi is a power packed energy boosting fruit.  She is the author of “Go Green, Get Lean” and she says that many people just don’t realize how nutritionally dense and powerful kiwi really is for their body.  She says that just two kiwi has more potassium than a banana and twice the calcium of an orange.  Not only that it has as much fiber as bran flakes.  Simply eating two kiwi’s of day can do wonders for your health and your energy levels.  Also add on the fact that two kiwi only has 100 calories, you can easily see why Kate believes kiwi is a superfruit with a kick.

Dr. Oz 1 Minute Wake Up Energy Boosting Plan

Take these 5 easy steps to give yourself a quick boost in energy..

  1. Stand up lace your hands together. Lift your hands over your head inside out with your fingers laced.  Inhale.  Lower your hands down slowly to your knees while you exhale.  Dr. Oz said that this helps to oxygenate your body and improves your lymphatic flow.
  2. Wing flap – Stand with your arms out to your side (like a scarecrow).  With your elbows still up and out to yourside flap your arms back and forth.   This gets your lymphatic system working, your heart rate going, and improves your circulation.
  3. Put your hands in front of your face in a prayer position.  Bring each leg up to your elbows.  This helps to improve the circulation in your legs and to release toxins.

Dr. Oz said that doing these simple exercises will increase your energy any time of the day.  Morning, noon, or night and it only takes a minute!