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Which Nondairy Milk Tastes The Best, on Dr. Oz’s 4-9-2014 Episode

You may have noticed all of non dairy choices that you may not have noticed before recently.  With so many non dairy milk alternatives how do you know which you should try?  If  you aren’t familiar with almond, soy, rice and/or cows milk, Dr. Oz did a taste test comparing which the viewers liked the best.

Non-Dairy Milk Taste Test

non dairy milk, soy milk, almond milk, rice milk

Almond Milk was the winner of the “Non Dairy” Milk Taste Test on Dr. Oz.

For many people, milk (or dairy in general) can give them unpleasant side effects due to the lactose.  However, most people realize that they need calcium and some of the other nutrients that milk provides.  Fortunately there are non dairy alternatives to turn to.

Here are the “milk substitutes” and how they compared in a blind taste test that his audience members participated in on his April 9th episode :

Soy Milk Taste Test Results

Dr. Oz had all of the audience members taste a sample of soy milk.  Only 5% preferred soy milk over the taste of the other alternative options.  However, Dr. Oz said that soy milk has the most protein of non dairy alternatives.  Try adding some soy milk into your coffee in the morning and giving yourself a protein boost as well!

Almond Milk Taste Test Results

The far and away winner for the taste test was Almond Milk…   Almond milk is known for it’s smooth and nutty flavor.  Almond milk also has the fewest amount of calories of the non dairy alternatives that were tested.  Try adding almond milk to your morning cereal.  Kids also said that they prefer almond milk because of it’s consistency with regular “cows” milk.  However, many brands of almond milk have been sweetened.  You should choose an almond milk that has less than 10 grams of sugar.

Rice Milk Taste Test Result

15% of the audience preferred rice milk in comparison to the others.  Rice milk has a thinner consistency than the others and has a naturally sweet flavor.  Another reason to consider rice milk is that it doesn’t cause very many allergy problems for people.  Try adding rice milk to a smoothie.

Dr. Oz Recommends 2% Cow’s Milk If You Still Prefer Drinking Dairy

Dr. Oz suggested organic 2 percent cows milk if you prefer cows milk over alternative options.

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