Dr Oz, Non Prescription Depression Treatments, Fish Oil, Exercise

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Non Prescription Treatments For Depression On Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz did an episode about the effectiveness of antidepressants and if they even work.  They also talk about the side effects that anti-depressants may bring for patients who are misdiagnosed.  If you are concerned about taking antidepressants and would like to explore some non prescription treatments for depression Dr. Oz talks about some natural remedies like fish oil, exercise, and talk therapy.  If you have been experiencing side effects with your antidepressants and would like to try natural methods read on about some of Dr. Oz’s recommendations.

Antidepressant Withdrawal – Can You Just Stop Taking Them Cold Turkey?

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Drew Pinsky on to the show to talk about withdrawal symptoms associated with antidepressants.  Dr. Drew Pinsky advises that people to taper off this type of medication because withdrawal symptoms can be quite unpleasant.  He said that patients should talk to their physicians who prescribed their medication for a safe and effective way to taper off the meds to limit withdrawal symptoms.  Dr. Daniel Amen reminded viewers that antidepressants are effective for those suffering from deep depression so they should be under the care of a psychiatric professional to decide the proper treatment for them.

What Kind of Doctors Should Be Prescribing Antidepressants?

Dr. Amen believes that only antidepressant meds should only be prescribed by psychiatrists and thos who are professional trained to treat depression. He doesn’t believe that your primary care physician should be prescribing these types of medications.  Instead, he recommends that your primary caregiver refer you to a professional who specializes in depression and psychiatric care.  Dr. Oz agreed with Dr. Amen about seeing a psychiatrist who specializes in this field to make sure that you are getting a proper diagnosis and are treated accordingly.

What Conditions could Be Causing Your Depression?

Dr. Oz said that many times there are underlying medical conditions that could be causing your depression.  He said that women should ask for a full workup before letting their doctor prescribe antidepressants when there could be an underlying condition that is causing the depressive symptoms.  Dr. Oz said that after you have had a full workup to rule out other underlying conditions patients should ask for a referral to see someone in the psychiatric profession.Treat Depression With Exercise

  • Dr. Daniel Amen said that exercise can offer many of the same benefits for depression

Fish Oil Can Ease Depression

  • Dr. Amen said that the fish oil has been found to be successful in treating depression

Try Talk Therapy

    Talking to a therapist has been shown to be an effective treatment for many who suffer from depression