Dr Oz November 19 – 22 Previews – Judge Judy, Diet Soda, Triglycerides

Dr. Oz November 19, 20, 21, and 22 Episode Previews

Will you not be able to watch Dr. Oz this week?  We provide show reviews and summaries of each episode all throughout the season.  Listed below are short previews of what you can expect all throughout the rest of the week.  Here are the previews of the topics discussed on Dr. Oz this week :

November 19, 2013 – Judge Judy Interview and 5 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Calories

  • Judge Judy has been a television favorite for years.  Judge Judy has a no nonsense approach when she is hearing her cases on tv, but that’s not to say you will not chuckle a time or two as Judge Judy grills the plaintiff’s and defendants to quickly get down to a verdict.  Despite Judge Judy’s hardened conservative approach in the courtroom judge Judy has a softer side as well.  Tune in to see Dr. Oz’s candid interview with Judge Judy as the talk about a health crisis that she went through, her philosophies on life, and how she has found happiness in her life.
  • Dr. Oz will be talking about how you find relief from sciatic nerve pain.
  • The 5 shocking things you didn’t know about calories!

November 20, 2013 – Diet Soda Lowers Your Metabolism, Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain, Food Poisoning Clues

  • On Wednesday Dr. Oz will be talking about the latest research about diet soda and the role it plays in your metabolism.
  • Artificial sweeteners link to weight gain
  • Not sure if you have food poisoning or the stomach flu?  Dr. Oz will be revealing how you can the tell if you have food poisoning or were strickened with the flu.
  • Rosacea skin remedies

November 21, 2013 (Thursday)

On Thursday’s November 21, 2013 show Dr. Oz talks about a kind of fat called Triglycerides that often gets overlook.  Find out what triglycerides are and what the potential dangers are if your triglycerides are high.

November 22, 2013

  • On Friday’s November 23, 2013 show Dr. Oz talks about the secret world of “Squashers” (Relationship fetishes involving the morbidly obese and food)
  • Squashing risks
  • Extreme food phobias

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