Dr Oz, Numerology Study, #1 Fatigue Fighter – October 19 2012 Preview

October 19, 2012 Dr. Oz Show – Whats The Best Way To Fight Fatigue?

Dr Oz #1 Fatigue Fighter, Numerology

Dr Oz Talks About The #1 Fatigue Fighter and a Numerology Study on his Oct. 19, 2012 Show.

Dr. Oz fans from all over the world send in their emails to the show and the most common ailment that plagues men and women is fatigue!  Make sure that you tune into this episode to find out the best (and healthiest) way to beat fatigue so you can live life to its fullest!  In case you won’t be able to see the show you can come back to TvShowUpdate.com to view everything that you missed.

What Is The #1 Way To Fight Fatigue?

Well, your going to have to tune into the show to find out. Will it be a natural health supplement?  Will it be a change to your diet?  Exercise in the morning?  Getting more sleep?  I’m looking forward to hearing what Dr. Oz has to say on this!  Coffee helps me but I always find myself having an afternoon crash.  Hopefully there is better way to get through the day without feeling fatigued.  Ok, the show has just been aired and here is the link : Dr Oz, Iron Deficiency, The Tampon Test, and Fatigue.  Find out how to dramatically increase your energy and to make sure that you aren’t iron deficient.

Numerology Study

Another segment that will be on the Dr. Oz October 19, 2012 show will feature a numerologist named Glynis McCants.  She will be explaining what numerology is and how your birthday can affect your life an your health.

Do you believe in numerology? Do you want to find out more about it?  Please share your expertise (or lack thereof) in our forums and tell us all about it.  I enjoy how Dr. Oz is open to ideas that may not be necessarily believed by the mainstream audience.  I really don’t know much about numerology but I’m really looking forward to hearing what it is all about.  I’ll be sure to leave my opinion on this subject after the show.  I think I was born a skeptic but over time I’ve tried to keep my mind open to all possibilities and different viewpoints. I’m really interested in learning more about numerology on tomorrows (Oct. 19) show.  UPDATE :  Here is the Dr. Oz Numerology Episode, Find Your Life Path Number.