Dr Oz, O-Shot Enhances Love Life, Cost and Benefits

Dr. Oz and Dr. Samuel Wood Discuss “The O-Shot” and If It Can Enhance Your Love Life

Many women have a problem at achieving maximum pleasure during lovemaking and it’s nothing to be ashamed about.  It is very common but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Dr. Oz invited Dr. Samuel Wood on to the show to talk about the “O” spot and if it is possible to enhance your pleasure by getting the O-Shot..

Cost and Benefits Of The O-Shot

Many women have a difficult time achieving an orgasm during sex.  Dr. Samuel Wood (the creator of the O-Shot) explained to Dr. Oz that he frequently hears the frustrations from women who have trouble in this personal and private area of their life.  Dr. Wood said that 19 out of the 20 women who initially received the O-Shot found that it does indeed work.  Dr. Samuel Woods said that for women who have exhausted all other options to enhance their lovemaking pleasure, the O-Shot could be the answer that they are looking for.

Dr. Oz said that there are medical and anatomical reasons why some women have problems achieving pleasure when making love and it’s nobody’s fault.  The cost of the O-Shot is approximately $1,000 but it may be worth if it enhances a woman’s love life.

Is The Injection Painful and Does It Hurt?

Dr. Oz spoke to a woman who received the O-Shot and asked her if she received positive benefits from the shot.  She said that in the past she was never interested in intercourse with her husband because she never received much pleasure.  This is why she decided to give the O-Shot a try.  She said that O-Shot didn’t hurt a bit because they “pre-numb” the area before giving the injection.  She said that she noticed the difference as soon as the numbing agent wore off..  She said that now she enjoys sex more than she ever has and it has benefited her marriage greatly.

The O-Shot is long lasting and for many women they never need to have another O-Shot performed to continue receiving intensified pleasure!

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