Dr Oz, Oatstraw Extract 4 Sleep n Libido, Orange Lenses, Rhodiola

Melatonin, Oatstraw Extract, Rhodiola Remedies for Sleep, Energy, and Libido

Can you ever make it through the day without wanting to take a nap?  Do you start feeling run down before your day has really even began?  Is your lack of energy because you aren’t getting quality sleep at night?  He also talks about a 1 minute plan to fight fatigue.  If so, today’s Dr. Oz show provided some excellent remedies to boost your energy, improve the quality of your sleep, and even charge up your libido!  Listed below are the tips that Dr. Oz gave on today’s show.

Boost Your Energy and Libido With Oatstraw Extract

Dr Oz, oatstraw extract energy booster, libido, rhodiola

Dr Oz talks about how Oatstraw Extract Can Boost Your Energy and Your Libido!

Dr. Oz brought up a woman out of the audience who had the complaint that she just has zero energy.  She said that it doesn’t matter if she gets a full night of sleep.  She is still exhausted before her day even begins!  So, of course the first thing she does is gulp down an energy drink.  Dr. Oz says that you will get a fast energy boost but you will later crash.  Dr. Oz said that energy drinks are loaded with sugar and caffeine..  After your surge of energy you will then crash and you will be exhausted.  Dr. Oz said that there is a better remedy to give yourself an energy boost.  Oatstraw Extract may be the solution that you have been looking for for so long.  Oatstraw extract is inexpensive and can be found in health food stores or online.  Dr. Oz said that Oatstraw Extract will oxygenate your brain to give you a healthy burst of energy that will last all throughout the day without having to go through that caffeine crash.

  • Take 2 Teaspoons of Oatstraw Extract twice per day by adding to your juice or coffee

Libido Boost From Oatstraw Extract – Not only does Oatstraw Extract give you a boost in energy it also raises your libido.  You have heard the phrase “Sowing Your Wild Oats”, right?  Well, it looks like people have known about this remedy for quite some time and this is where the phrase may have originated from!

Rhodiola Boosts Your Energy

Dr. Oz said that he personally takes a Rhodiola Extract supplement to give him some energy to keep him going through his busy schedule.  He recommends starting out at 100mg a day and you can increase the dosage to 200mg per day if needed.  You can find Rhodiola supplements in most health and vitamin stores.

Orange Lenses Can Help You To Fall Asleep At Night

Dr. Oz has spoken about melatonin on many occasions but he has never mentioned Orange Lens Glasses to my knowledge.  Even the light that you receive from watching television (or your laptop) can keep your melatonin levels higher than what they should be to prepare the body for sleep.   Dr. Oz said that simply wearing a pair of orange lens glasses at night will help you sleep better.  They will help you sleep better because Orange Lens Glasses block out the blue light that causes your melatonin levels to remain elevated when they should be declining so you will feel sleepy when it’s bedtime.