Dr Oz, Omega 3 DHA Sleep Aid, Vegetarian Protein Sources

Dr. Oz Talks About Vegetarian Protein Options and How Omega 3 Supplements Can Help Improve Sleep

Dr. Oz has said stressed many times over the years about how important sleep is to your overall health.  On today’s (4-21-2015) episode Dr. Oz talks about how a DHA Omega 3 Supplement can help to boost your melatonin naturally which will help you to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep more soundly.  Dr. Oz also reveals vegetarian protein sources that should be in your diet.

Benefits Of Omega 3 Supplements

Dr. Oz invited a guest on to the stage to help him demonstrate the benefits of Omega 3 supplements and the many health benefits that you will receive such as :

  • Reduces body inflammation
  • Boosts brain power
  • Helps to build cells
  • Fights cancer
  • Lubricates joins
  • Flushes bad cholesterol out of your body.
  • 600 MG DHA Supplements help you to sleep

The Mistakes That Vegetarians Make

There are many health benefits to being a vegetarian.  You will lower your risk for many cancers and lower your blood pressure for instance.  However, some vegetarians actually gain weight because they are making the wrong food choices.  Here are some of the reasons why vegetarians gain weight :

  • Eat too many carbs – This is a common mistake made by vegetarians.  Eating too many carbs without enough protein will spice your blood sugar and increase stress hormones in your body.  This can increase fat in your belly area.  Dr. Oz suggests eating more lentils, quinoa, hemp seeds, almonds, and Greek yogurt in place of foods that are high in carbs.
  • Eating too much processed foods – Packaged foods that have been highly processed are generally loaded with calories, fat and sodium.  Cut down on your processed foods by eating no more than 3 packaged meals each week.  Also try to eat 1 cup of veggies with each packaged meal that you consume during the weak.  Look for whole grains on the label.
  • Eating too much cheese – Cheese is high in fat and calories as well.  However, some cheeses are healthier than others.  Swap in feta and goat cheese in place of higher fat/calorie cheeses.

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