Dr Oz, Omega 3 Krill Oil For Cholesterol, DIM Complex Balance Hormones

Best Supplements You May Have Never Heard Of on Dr. Oz

Today Dr. Oz closed the show talking about beneficial supplements that you may not have heard of.  During this segment he talked about Chromium (for weight loss), DIM Complex for balanced hormones and a reduced risk for cancer, and and Omega 3 supplement to lower your cholesterol called Krill Oil that is more absorbable and a better option than Fish oil!

Omega 3 Krill Oil Supplement

Dr. Oz said that his favorite heart healthy Omega 3 supplement is Krill Oil.  He said that there are several advantages that Krill Oil has over Fish Oil.  He said that Krill Oil is absorbed more easily by the body.  He also that Krill Oil is stronger and you don’t burp up a “fishy” smell either.  It is an effective treatment for lowering your cholesterol.  Dr. Oz recommended taking 1 – 3 grams per day.

DIM Complex Supplement

DIM Supplement’s are Dr. Oz’s mother in law’s favorite supplement to take.  Dr. Oz invited Dr. Julie Chen on to the show to talk about DIM supplements.  She said that that this supplement was one of her favorites to recommend to her patients.  She said that DIM supplements balance your hormones.  She said that new research has shown that there are additional benefits as well.  Some studies are showing that DIM can also lower your risk for many types of cancer.  DIM can be found in cruciferous vegetables like vegetables, broccoli, and cabbage.  However, you would need to eat about 2 pounds of cruciferous vegetables per day to get the desired amount needed for this protection.  Dr. Chen generally recommends that you get your nutrients from your food, but in this case she recommends taking DIM supplements.  Hear are the guidelines that were shown on Dr. Oz

  • Take 100 mg per day
  • Find a bottle that says DIM complex
  • If you are already at a healthy weight take 100 mg per day
  • If you are overweight take 200 mg per day
  • The capsule form supplements are absorbed more easily
  • Look for black pepper to be listed on the labels ingredients.  This helps with absorption.

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