Dr Oz, Omron Blood Pressure Monitor, Aspirin Dose for Women

Dr. Oz Talks About Health Resolutions That Every Woman Should Be Making in 2014

Yes, it is January 8th and New Years Resolutions may have already been made, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to add a few more!  Today, Dr. Oz talked talked about health resolutions that will not only make you healthier in the short term, they can add a decade or more to your life!!

Health Resolutions To Make That Will Add Years To Your Life

Low Dose Aspirin – Studies have shown that taken just two baby aspirin each day can add years to your life while lowering your risk for heart disease.  You should take two baby aspirin with a full glass of water at night..

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

The second health resolution that Dr. Oz recommended women to make is to regularly check your blood pressure.  He said that this resolution is easy to make and can be performed in the comfort of your own home.  He said that ideally your blood pressure should be around 115/75.  He said that there are millions of people in this country that have dangerously high blood pressure and aren’t even aware of it.

Dr. Oz suggested taking your blood pressure in the morning and then checking it again at night before bed.  This will give an idea where your average blood pressure lies.  After that, be sure to check your blood pressure each month.  You can check your blood pressure at any time you want with the Omron Blood Pressure Monitor.  He said that when you take the reading you should place the cuff on your arm and then wait a minute before taking your pressure.  This allows you to relax and for your blood pressure to stabilize to give you an accurate reading of when you are at rest.  Dr. Oz said that this simple solution can add years to your life.

7-8 Hours Of Sleep Adds Years To Your Life

Many men and women do not get a sufficient amount of sleep each night.  Dr. Oz said that getting more sleep is a resolution that we all should make.  Dr. Oz suggested picking out a set bedtime and try to stick with it so it will become routine.  This third resolution will add 3 years to your life!  Sleep a little more and live a little longer!

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