Dr Oz Ovarian Cancer Symptoms, Pancreatic Cancer, Lower Risk Factors

Dr. Oz Talks About Ovarian and Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms and Risk Factors

Today’s December 13 show was all about cancer and how to detect symptoms early and the risk factors that we all should be educated about.  Dr. Oz said that the two most feared cancers are pancreatic cancer and ovarian cancer.  If these potentially deadly diseases are a concern for you, today’s Dr. oz show revealed some important information to help you lower your risk of developing these cancers.

Ovarian Cancer Risk Factors

Some people call Ovarian cancer the silent killer of women.  This cancer has earned this ominous nickname because of the way it takes hold in a woman’s body without revealing any symptoms early on.  Dr. Oz shared some risk factors for ovarian cancer to let you know if you may be at higher risk :

  • Family history – If Ovarian Cancer runs in your family it increases your risk by 40 percent
  • Women over 40 years of age
  • Being overweight by 25 or more lbs
  • Women who have never been pregnant

Ovarian Cancer symptoms

Here are the symptoms that Dr. Oz shared on todays December 13th episode :

  • Bloating
  • An abnormal feeling of fullness
  • Unusual bleeding
  • “Gas” that is out of the norm

Lower Your Risk of Ovarian Cancer By Reducing Dairy Intake

Dr. Oz said that consuming too much dairy can increase your risk.  He said that if you consume 30 grams or more a day of lactose you can increase your risk of ovarian cancer by 20 percent.  Dr. Oz said that cutting just one serving of dairy each day can significantly lower your risk.Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms and Risk FactorsDr. Oz said that while pancreatic cancer can most certainly be challenging to treat, it can be curable if it is diagnosed early enough.  He said that by the time that most people realize that they have pancreatic cancer it is often too late to get rid of.  Here are some risk factors that you should be aware of :

  • Family history – If 2 or more family members have had pancreatic cancer you are at higher risk
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • African American’s run a higher risk

How To Lower Your Risk Of Getting Pancreatic Cancer

Dr. Oz said that even if you run a higher risk of getting pancreatic cancer you can lower your risk substantially by making a few simple changes to your diet.  He said that you should avoid packaged meats like :

  • Bacon
  • Hot dogs
  • Sandwich meats

Dr. Oz said that packaged meats contain nitrates which increase your risk for cancer.  He said that eating just two ounces of packaged meats per day put you at an increased risk!

Here are some tips to reduce your risk for pancreatic cancer :Read labels when purchasing packaged meats.  Avoid foods that contain nitrates.  Choose meats that are :

  • Nitrate free
  • Nitrite free
  • Uncured meats

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