Dr Oz Paleo Diet, Daphne Oz Energy, Craving, Hangover Remedies

Dr. Oz Talks About The Paleo Diet Craze – Also Daphne and Dr. Oz Energy, Craving, & Hangover Remedies

One of the hottest diet crazes that is sweeping the nation is the “Paleo Diet”.  On April 22, 2013 Dr. Oz will be explaining how the diet works and the reasons why people are achieving remarkable success on the diet.  Dr. Oz will also be inviting his beautiful daughter Daphne Oz on to the show for “remedy showdown!”  The will be talking about their favorite remedies to boost your energy, decrease your food cravings, and how to relieve a hangover.  So if you are looking to lose weight while boosting your energy levels the April 22, 2013 episode is a show that you will most definitely want to watch.

What Is The Paleo Diet And Is It Safe?

People have been reporting impressive weight loss results on the protein packed Paleo Diet.  Dr. Oz will be explaining why people are able to lose weight eating high protein foods.  However, is the Paleo Diet healthy way to lose weight? Dr. Oz will be inviting on guests who are huge supporters of the Paleo Diet who say that this diet can help you to reduce your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and even lower your cholesterol levels.

Dr. Oz will be revealing what he thinks about this high protein diet and if it’s a diet that is healthy weight loss strategy.

Daphne & Dr. Oz Remedies For Energy, Food Cravings, and Hangovers

In the latter half of the show Dr. Oz will be having a show down with his daughter Daphne to see who can come up with the best remedies for low energy, cravings, and those unpleasant side effects that a hangover can give you.  While the “showdown” is sure to be a friendly competition they are both competitive and will be revealing the best remedies to help alleviate energy, cravings, and hangover complaints that so many people are having.  If any of these health ailments affects you, be sure to set your DVR so you won’t miss out on the remedies that they give.

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