Dr Oz, Paleo Diet Rules, Foods To Eat & Which To Avoid. Low Glycemic

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Paleo Diet Rules On Dr. Oz – Which Foods To Eat & Which To Avoid

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Loren Cordain (author of the book, The Paleo Diet) and Nell Stephenson on to the show to talk about the high protein, low glycemic diet that has helped many lose weight.  With so many devoted dieters who believe in the Paleo Diet to lose weight, is it also safe? Dr. Cordain feels that the diet is the ideal weight in which you can drop inches in a healthy way.  He explains how this diet is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, fruits, and vegetables which have been show to reduce inflammation within the body.

How Paleo Diet Is Different From Other Low Carb Diets, Like Atkins

Dr. Oz asked what differences are there between the Paleo diet as opposed to other low carb weight loss strategies.  Nell Stephenson (author of the book “Paleoista“) said that the Paleo has distinct differences from the Atkins diet.  Nell said that while on Atkins you eat large amounts of meat and cheese.  The Paleo diet allows you to eat a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Foods You Are Allowed To Eat On Paleo Diet

  • Grass feed beef
  • Free-poultry
  • Wild salmon
  • Healthy fats such as avocados and coconut oil
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Raw nuts

Paleo Diet Rules

Dr. Oz asked what rules are there and why can’t you eat any dairy?  Nell Stephenson said that dairy and other foods that cause inflammation aren’t allowed on the Paleo diet.  Some of the rules are :

  • No grains
  • No dairy
  • No legumes
  • No refined sugars

How much food should you eat?

  • two thirds of your plate should be fresh vegetables
  • palm size amount of protein
  • small portion of healthy fats
  • a handful size portion of fruit

Is The Paleo Diet Another Weight Loss Fad?

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Cordain if there are any misconceptions that people have about this weight loss regime.  Dr. Cordain said the biggest misconception is that the Paleo is just another fad diet.  He said that the concepts behind this way of eating has been around for thousands of years.  Dr. Cordain said that you will lose weight  and even reduce your risk for heart disease.  He said that if you follow the strategies set forth on the Paleo diet you will lose weight at steady rate (which is Dr. Oz prefers rather than rapid weight loss).

No Calorie Counting

Nell Stephenson said that there isn’t any calorie counting while on the Paleo diet.  You will be eating healthy foods all throughout the day with a steady supply of energy.  You won’t experience blood sugar crashes since you will be eating low glycemic foods.  Blood sugar crashes can trigger food cravings and cause you to reach for the foods that aren’t healthy (and definite diet busters!).

You Are Allowed Three Cheat Meals Per Week

Nell Stephenson says that you can eat three cheat meals per week.  She understands that eating 21 healthy meals can be difficult and she would rather you have an occasional “cheat” meal than to return to the way that you used to eat.  She suggested that you trie the Paleo Diet for 30 days before you go back to eating the unhealthy foods that you were eating before.  She said that you may find that the foods you used to crave don’t even taste good to you anymore!

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This Dr. Oz episode was original aired on April 22, 2015