Dr Oz, Palm Reflexology For Stress, Red Yeast Rice For Cholesterol

Dr. Oz & Dr. Weil Talk About Reducing Stress In 1 Minute With Palm Reflexology & Red Yeast Rice Cholesterol Remedy

dr. oz, palm reflexology

Dr. Oz & Dr. Weil talk about how you can reduce your stress in 1 minute using acupressure palm reflexology!

We all suffer from stress in our everyday lives.  While the degree of stress we all experience may be different it all has an impact on our daily lives.  In fact, Dr. Andrew Weil believes that stress is one of the most serious threats to our health.  Dr. Weil meditates on a daily basis but he also realizes that not everyone is going to set aside the time to practice meditation regularly.

One Minute Palm Acupressure Reflexology For Stress

This 1 minute exercise can help to reduce one of the biggest threats to your health….. stress.  Dr. Weil explained to Dr. Oz that people usually approach stress from the wrong angle.  Most people try to avoid stress or distract themselves from it.  This not only doesn’t work, but can actually increase your stress levels because the problem will still be there.  Dr. Weil also said that stress increases your cortisol levels.  Cortisol is toxic to your nerve cells in your brain that handle memory.

Instead of causing damage to the nerve cells in your brain created by stress you can do a simple one minute acupressure reflexology technique which is not only fast but also effective at reducing stress.  Here is the step by step palm reflexology method that Dr. Weil explained on today’s show.

  1. Using the thumb on your opposite hand, slowly (and firmly) rub between the thumb and index finger on your palm. Do this in a circular motion for several seconds.
  2. Now you should massage the base of each finger and then pull each finger in a twisting outward motion.
  3. Do this technique on both hands and your done!

Red Yeast Rice Extract Helps To Lower Your Cholesterol

Many people take prescription medications to lower their cholesterol.  While they can be effective many people experience unpleasant side effects.  Dr. Weil said that Red Yeast Rice extract is a natural way in which you can lower your cholesterol..  (If you are currently taking medication to lower your cholesterol you should always speak with your physician before trying another method)

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